Relax on the Luxury Rio

“Where do you want to go this year for holiday, Kate?” John asked his wife as they sat around the TV, discussing many topics including where to spend their annual holiday.

“I don’t know. Jill from the Book Club said Bali, Carol from the Church ladies mentioned Mauritius and Joan couldn’t stop talking about Thailand.” She answered excitedly.

“Bill from work recommends the bush somewhere and yesterday on the golf course Jim couldn’t stop talking about Dubai and all its attractions.”

“I want to go somewhere where there is a beach. Someplace tropical and idyllic. I want to stay SOMEWHERE in luxury where I don’t have to cook. Where the kids can be kept busy. Somewhere safe and trustworthy.”

“I want somewhere quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I just want to fish and just relax, be close to nature. And I don’t want to go somewhere to much expensive where you pay a lot of Dollars and Pounds.” John said tiredly.

Doesn’t this scene sound familiar? You can’t decide where to go on holiday. Well, let me help you out there. You want someplace quiet. Someplace where you will get your money’s worth. You want to live in luxury. You want to be spoilt and pampered. You want to make memories. Take my advice. Google Rio Azul Lodge. And make a booking NOW!


Here is a few thoughts that pops into my mind whenever I think of Rio Azul

  • Luxury
  • Great surroundings
  • Accessible
  • Affordable (especially if you earn in Dollar and Euros)
  • Helpful staff
  • Scenic views
  • It got its names from the “Blue River” that pours into the estuary.
  • Great food
  • Relaxing
  • Excellent management
  • You don’t do dishes or clean your rooms
  • Your laundry are being done for you
  • You can eat as much as you can

Thanks to Hollywood we are all dreaming of Cabo San Lucas, Belize, Rio, Thailand, Bali, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Costa Rica etc. Mozambique is the essence of Africa. The Pearl of Africa! White Sandy beaches, clean shores, friendly people, humid weather, great accommodation, great food, great cocktails. This is the Hawaii of Africa. And that is why I wish you to spend your holiday in this beautiful country and stay in this luxury lodge.

Hop on a plane from OR TAMBO in Johannesburg, South Africa and pop over to Vilanculos in Mozambique. Airlink (airline) commutes daily between these two cities. Where on arrival you will be met by Rio Azul Lodge’s Driver Charles and his assistants and they will take you on a 2 hour journey in an air conditioned vehicle to the Lodge. The airport in Vilanculos is modern and all the systems are in place and it all works.

The drivers of Rio Azul are friendly and full of knowledge. Drinks are supplied for the journey. You get to see amazing sights along the way. The beaches are picturesque. A part of the journey is a drive along an undeveloped beach. You get to see many local fishermen dotted along the shore, making their livelihood from fishing.

Along the shore you can see the Bazaruto Islands. It is really beautiful seeing it from afar. So green, mysterious and majestic. The lodge is part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, located on the mainland. Another place you can cross off your bucket list.

At the lodge you will be met by Andre and his brilliant staff. From the moment you arrive until your stay reaches its end you will be cared for as if you are royalty. Nothing is too much trouble. They are most willing to accommodate you and do anything to make your stay comfortable. The lodge is suited next to an estuary that connects to the ocean. It really makes an unforgettable picture especially when the sun sets.

The whole lodge is decorated with grass thatched roofs, white walls, wooden beams. It really gives off the paradise island vibe. The weather is humid and the days can be really hot. The lodge has a shop that sells some basic necessities

You will be served three meals a day. And the meals are fit for kings. The dining area and the bar is suited on a deck that over overlooks the estuary. The bar is well run by a guy named Shadrack. I call him the best barman in Mozambique and most certainly the most hard working one. I recommend a Doige M beer or a R&R cocktail and their specialty cocktail, a Rio Special. Try it. It is great!!!!!!

In the morning at nine you get coffee and a continental breakfast. Cereal, fruit, yogurt. The works! Then your BIG order will be taken. Baked eggs, omelet, scrambled eggs, toast , bacon etc. Anything you want.

Lunchtime you get light meals like hamburgers, cottage pie, spaghetti, fish pies, bread, salad etc. In the evenings you will be served three courses. Starters, main course and desert! You will be treated with freshly caught produce like prawns, crab, fish. And nothing can beat their Chocolate Mousse FOR dessert. James, Mario and the Kitchen staff: Your food is better than a five star Michellin restaurant in France. Well done.

The accommodation is top notch. Everywhere is wheelchair friendly, especially the bathrooms. You have two options. There are six two person chalets with an en-suite bathroom. And there are two Villas that has 3 two person bedrooms plus a loft that has place for another five people. Each villa has its own deck with a swimming pool, sun loungers, a kitchen and a sitting room that overlooks the estuary. Every Villa has its own tinny (little boat) to explore the estuary and the mangroves. It is free, but you only for the fuel. THE rooms are spacious and luxury decorated. A mosquito net is draped over each bed. All the rooms have fans and air cons to keep you cool during the humid nights. Plug points are available to charge your laptop, tablet, GoPro etc. All the bathrooms have hot water.

The lodge offers many activities.

  1. Charter a boat and go deep sea fishing. For R6000 a day Andre and his assistants will take you on a magical hunt for the marine creatures. Bonita, cuntas, dorados and many other types can be fished in these waters. One day when I was there the fishermen went out and caught 37 fishes at one reef!!! The lodge supplies the rods, the bait and the lunch. You can bring your own if you want to.
  2. Go on a sunset and explore the mangroves.
  3. Go to the beach for the day. The lodge will drive you to the beach and they will supply umbrellas, gazebos, cooler boxes full of drinks and if asked for, a packed breakfast or lunch. Enjoy the undisrupted and unspoiled, clean beach. Look out for the waves that releases the glistering shade of turquoise blue.
  4. Shore fishing
  5. Bird Watching: There are many types of birds around here. I saw a lot of Pied Kingfishers and I heard a Fish Eagle.
  6. Swim in the estuary. The water is mild, clear and clean. Fishes can be seen swimming around.
  7. Hire a tinny and go with a guide fishing in the estuary. Many types of fishes can be found.
  8. Go and snorkel. There are a couple of reefs you can go and explore. A guide can take you or you can take yourself in your tinny.
  9. Go to town, (Inhasorro and Vilanculos) and buy gifts for everyone back home.
  10. Go canoeing along the estuary.
  11. Play a board game. The lodge has plenty of games to supply. Monopoly, 30 seconds, Bananagram.
  12. Relax at the lodge. There is another swimming pool at the main area for you to enjoy. There is a TV for entertainment means. It is perfect to stay in tune with your rugby team.

I would recommend Rio Azul Lodge. It is a place for family and friends to relax together and enjoy being away from the usual hustle and bustle. It was really fantastic coming to this place and staying for ten days. The lodge will definitely see me again.

Thank you Rio Azul for my grand time…


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