With a bit of Cheer

Badger is sorry he hasn’t posted in so long. Badger got a job and things had been crazy. He works at a factory at the admin office. Badgersgot so many things to tell you.

Firstly,  his two Children’s Books, THE MAGIC BELL and Grandpa Santa has been published. It is such a great feeling to finally see his hard work pay off. It had always been a dream to write books. Hopefully in the future Badger will publish many more. Follow this link to gain more info.


This week that has gone by, South Africa were blessed with a lot of rain. Badger caught 97ml in his Rainmeter. His best mate, Jackal got 150ml. And he only lives a few kilo’s away! Hows that fair? We were blessed a plenty. The rivers were filled to its seams and the mass of water was flowing with such strong power it washed our towns water pumps away. All the dams are full and hopefully all this rain will hep the farmers come harvest time.

This weekend Badger was at a concert. Klipwerf BoereOrkes was the main attraction.  They are a band from the Northern Cape that plays traditional Boere Musiek. But they only use their musical instruments. The tunes they play will turn any non-dancer into a John Travolta. We all who attended danced and partied until late.

Fillet steak and side dishes were supplied. For desert we had Malva Pudding and there were also plenty of snacks. There was a bar to statsify our thirst. And the people of Klipwerf were so nice and down to earth. You don’t get it much these days. This band is known all over the country and its borders.

Beforehand Badger experienced something he haven’t experienced before. A play! Sure, there were a few School productions. But this time it was different. This time it was like real theatre. There was an audience and the actors were paid to perfom. It was called Stoepstories. It was about an old Dominee sitting on his Stoep and telling stories. It was humorous and interesting. My first play!!!!! #AWESOME.

Here is a link of KLIPWERF playing.


And another thing Badger would like to mention is he is a big Fan of Cheers. Yes, Cheers the smash sitcom that ran from 1983 to 1993, therefore making him younger than the sitcom. With some money Badger won playing Poker Badger ordered the series from TAKEALOT!

Being a fan of Frasier when he was growing up and hearing some references to Cheers as he watched Frasier repeatedly Ihedecided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and ordered it online. And he never regretted it.

The antics of Cliff Clavin, Carla, Dianne, Coach, Sam, Woody and Frasier are hilarious. He is currently only at Season3 but  he just loves it. The simpleness and plainness of the characters are some the traits people have of every days life. And it gives the show that unique yet plain flairAnd it is great to think that the storyline scenes takes place mostly in a bar. It makes Badger want to buy an Irish pub to own his community’s local hangout and experience these type of situation that constantly comes to play in the show.

Do you yourself a favor and get that series. It is pure class. It makes Badger confirm his theory that old sitcoms are much better than the stuff we get today. TV should broadcast all these golden oldies. Badger would bet people would watch it.

Here is a short clip of Cheers.



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