Howzit people. Happy 2017. I hope it is a lekker year. Badger is sorry he hasn’t written in a while, but never fear, Badger won’t stop his quill. So sit back, relax and exercise your eyes.

Badger lives in the Drakensberg. Some of you might know it, others might not. And today was a Sunny day so he awoke about midmorning after a good night rest. He dressed in his leisure clothes and took the road to the mountains.

He’s been coming around the mountain here he comes

He’s been coming around the mountain here he comes

Like an old traveler in the times when hitchhiking was safe and cool he travelled the R600, the road from Winterton to the Central Drakensberg (Champagne Valley), and he arrived at a certain place called Gooderson Monks Cowl Golf Resort or simply as the locals call it “Monks”.

Monks is a holiday resort suited in the Champagne Valley. It is about 4 hours from Gauteng and 2 and half from Durbs. The resort offers scenic and picturesque views of Champagne Valley and the Ukhuhlamba Drakensberg Mountains which includes the Monks Cowl mountain Peak. It is nice and central and so you can go out and explore the Central Berg with all its attractions that can keep you occupied for the time you are there like Canopy Tours, the Drakensberg Boys Choir, Hiking, White river Rafting etc.

There is a great golf course at Monks with 9 holes and 18 tees where every golf enthusiast will be blessed with great views. You can rent a car and there is a golf shop. Accommodation is available with all the bells and whistles you require. Other attractions in the resort are the swimming pools, tennis courts, fishing dams, mountain bike courses and many other things.

Follow this link if you want to know more of Monks and the things you can do

What I want to write about is the Friar Tuck Pub and Restaurant. It is a wheelchair friendly, staff efficient Restaurant at the resort. It is decorated pubstyle yet sophisticated. It is open from 7h00 AM till late, late at night. And the food is excellent. They have pizza, pasta, pub lunches like Liver and Onions or Fish and Chips. They make gourmet starters, main courses and deserts. They even have a list of all their wines on offer.

Badger had a Mushroom Rarebit for a starter. It is a toasted ciabata bread, topped with a sautéed mushroom and cheese cause. It was excellent and tasty. The portion wasn’t big so Badger had place for his main course.

Badger wanted to eat something he couldn’t find somewhere else. So he chose the Bangers and Mash with Gravy from the Pub Lunch section. It was a winner. It made him thing of days long ago when he ate it every Thursday night. The texture was rich and tasteful, the gravy wasn’t just liquid. It soul and fire.

For pudding he had Chocolate Pudding with ice Cream. It was a bit dry, but Badger things he was full from his previous meals. Nonetheless it was a great effort.

To drink Badger had a Long Iceland ice Tea. There was gin, vodka, coke, rum and other ingredients inside. One piece of advice: Never Mix Your Alcohol.  Badger can’t remember much of the taste. Tipsiness can be a bugger sometimes…

Badger thinks a lot of pubs in South Africa is trying a South African Theme. Grass thatched roofs,  rugby team flags on the walls, usual burgers and Curry to eat.  Klipdrif Brandy that is flowing, in this place (Monks) you get a taste of the real pub vibe that comes all away from England by eating the food.

If you are ever in the area do yourself a favour by popping into this place and treat yourself….Cheers


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