Badplaas is COOKING

We are going on a Summer Holiday….

That was a lyric from one of Cliff Richards songs, Summer Holiday. It is the Festive Season and the summer has arrived fully. All the Vaalies are packing their Mercs to go south, to the beach or to the family. Sometimes the beach is the family.

But Badger went to a place called Badplaas! Or Badplaas A Forever Resort. It is suited 60 km from Barberton in Mpumalanga that is about an hour and a half away from Mbombela (Nelspruit). It is a holiday resort. It is known for the hotsprings that are to be found there.

Here is a bit of History of the place

Swazi tribesmen were the first to discover the spring and called it “eManzana”, which means “healing waters”. According to legend in about 1876 the Swazi chief presented this spring, in gratitude, to a hunter, Jacob de Clerq, who then built a store nearby and developed the spring to allow for visitors’ use due to its believed medicinal value. According to Wikipedia the spring became very popular when gold was discovered in the De Kaap Valley near the town of Barberton. Prospectors would visit there on weekends to get away from their hard labour of digging for gold. And from there on the town grew to what it is today.

Today it is a popular holiday destination for all South Africans. It was really heartwarming to see South Africans from all walks of like vacationing in peace! If only our country could be like that. The resort has many kinds of accommodation.

  • A Hotel
  • 1 Bedroom Chalet with a kitchen, a bathroom and a TV room
  • They are numbered A and B
  • 3 Bedroom Chalet a kitchen, one and a half bathrooms, a veranda and a TV room and a lot of space for kids to play
  • Day visitors are allowed

Then there are many businesses available that may aide you

  • Supermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • Butchery (you don’t have to bring chops to braai. You can buy it here)
  • Booze Store
  • A Restaurant
  • A Coffee Shop
  • Laundry
  • museum
  • A shop to buy toys and gifts and all kinds of stuff
  • Gecko Pub (to quench your thirst)
  • A First Aid room for emergencies
  • Bikini Bar- it is open during the day where can have a drik. It is suited next to the swimming area
  • Spa (for the ladies-and the gents)
  • Kiosk selling sweets and cooldrinks
  • A mini donut Stall
  • Chip & Dip Stall
  • The Jive Café that sells ice creams, cooldrinks, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, chips and toasted sarmies.
  • The Hydro- The building that hosts the Hot swimming pools. You pay R10 per person per day. It is your money’s worth. After swimming in those pools you feel so refresh and ready for action. There are four pools) inside. (The other 8 are outside. They differ from size and temperature. Some are cold. Some are hot!) It is very wheelchair accessible (in and outside), lifesavers (though no Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoffs) are present. There are change rooms for women, men and disables. The pools inside temperature’s are also different. Some were 39˚. Another one was 43˚. There was one that was 55˚, but no one stayed in there for long. Badger enjoyed swimming there. There are steps that goes around the pool’s edge. It was lekker chilling there. But be warned, make sure your body is hydrated otherwise you might pass out from the heat.

There are many fun activities to occupy yourself with

  • Quad Biking, horse riding and gamedriving in the Emanzama Game Reserve with a guide. It gives you a change to enjoy nature and see wild animals. A leopard is reportedly in the area.
  • Go Kart Riding
  • Playing Volley Ball
  • Mini gholf
  • Chip and putt
  • Mountain Bike Track
  • Riding the Rinkals- it is a watercourse that you ride on a tube
  • Fuffi Slide Slide (Badger was to scared)
  • Swimming in all the pools. Some were hot, others were not. The pools outside are open 24/7. The Hydro closes at 21h00
  • Riding the Super Tube- a slippin slide
  • Paint Ball- either target or combat. R40 for 20 bullets. If you acquire more bullets, it will cost you R1 per bullet
  • Live Entertainment at the Swimming pool and there was also a lot of competitions held for everyone like GRANDPA BADPLAAS, GRANDMA BADPLAAS, talent shows etc.

Everything WAS WHEELCHAIR accessible, the staff were friendly and diligent. Everything was safe and clean. Badger recommends this place to everyone who wants to have a lekker holiday. Fun for the whole family. Badplaas KOOK!!!!!




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