It was March 2015. One of my Family Members bough a Glee DVD in Pretoria. It was Season 1. It was lying around the house. I was bored. So I decided I would take a look. I had nothing else to do. So I watched it. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I didn’t know much about the Show. I read its name in magazines and stuff, but I never bothered to learn or watch it. The only thing I could remember was one of their actors died. I learned it was Corey Monteith, who played Finn Hudson. He was soon my favourite Character. Can you believe it? It was on for 6 years and I never bothered to watch it. I can kick myself for my stubbornness. I only discovered it when Season 6 was at its end. Then all the Fan Fare was away. All the hype, all the Glee

Quickly I watched the other seasons and one, two, three, I was a Gleek. I learned so many new songs and watching the Show made me experience different kinds of music. It exposed me to a lot of singers. Singers I otherwise never would have known existed.

It made me learn the issues and complexities of life. All high school kids should watch this show. You will learn about life and all the social issues and problems we face every day and how to deal with it. As the show progress you will learn lessons along the way. The characters can be identified by each one of us. Me, I see myself in Artie.

Here is a list of my TOP 20 songs that were performed on Glee

  1. Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
  2. Coming to America- Neil Diamond
  3. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
  4. Red Solo Cup- Toby Keith
  5. Piano Man- Billy Joel
  6. Home- Creeddance Water Revival
  7. Hello, Goodbye- The Beatles
  8. Don’t Stop Believing- Journey
  9. Raise Your Glass- Pink
  10. I lived- One Republic
  11. Live While Your Young- One Direction
  12. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
  13. Thriller- Michael Jackson
  14. Crazy- Britney Spears
  15. Let Me Love You- John Legend
  16. Take Me Home Tonight- Eddie Money
  17. Somebody to Love- Queen
  18. Mamma Mia- Abba
  19. Whistle- FloRida
  20. Keep Holding On- Avril Lavine

I enjoyed every season. it is sad that there wont be another one, but I can understand why. No one can stay in High School Forever right.

Top 5 Favourite Characters on Glee

  1. Finn Hudson
  2. Quinn Fabray
  3. Artie Abrahams
  4. Sue Sylvester
  5. Puck (the character, NOT the actor)

Songs that should have been on Glee

  1. The Gambler- Kenny Rogers
  2. Hello- Adele
  3. On the Road Again- Willie Nelson
  4. You are Always on my Mind- Willie Nelson
  5. Great hearth- Johnny Glegg
  6. Living Next Door to Alice- Smokie
  7. Banana Boat Song- Harry Belafonte
  8. Drift Away- Dobie Gray
  9. Buffalo Soldiers- Bob Marley
  10. I’m Your Lady- Celine Dion

I will post again about GLEE. CHEERS!!!!!!!


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