Series Serials

Series Serials

Badger is very set in his ways. He doesn’t enjoy new things immediately. He discovers them later on and then later on and he enjoys it. Like Sitcoms! Badger enjoys it tremendously. He doesn’t like the old SciFi or Drama stuff.

One example is the Big Bang Theory. Badger only started to watch the show when it was in its seventh season. This quirky sitcom that is about two dorky scientists and their friends and the lives they lead are brilliant. It is wickedly funny and viewers can learn a lot about science, comicbooks and flags. Badger can’t wait to Google its latest season to get the synopsis or previews. He can’t imagine his life without the escapades of the Sheldon, Leonard Penny, Raj, Wolowitz and all the other characters. Badger will be sad when it ends. Rumour has it the tenth will be its last. This story will always be a classic and I know generation to come will enjoy it.

Badger also enjoys the Mockumentary style (Documentory sitcom) sitcom Modern Family that is about the Dunphy-Pritchett-Delgado Family and their daily lives and problems. Modern storylines, stereotypes, twists, issues, matters and facts are part of this show. Each character is present in the people of the modern world. The storyline are great and as each season goes by you can sense character development.

Mike & Molly is also a worthwhile sitcom, worth checking out. It recently ended after six seasons! The story is about Mike Biggs and Molly Flynn who meets each other at a selfhelp support group for Overeaters. They fall in love and marry. From there on the story’s about them, their family and their friends antics.

Two Broke Girls is about two working class girls in New York who tries to make their dreams come true and be rich by working in a diner and starting a bussiness. The humor is sharp and witty. The support cast is also great. More credit should be given to them.

These four TV Shows is the best Badger thinks TVs have to offer these days that are generally new!

But to Badger the older sitcoms are actually the best. Their humor are great and fun. It is hard to explain. But Badger thinks the years these shows were produced it was the Golden Years of TV Sitcoms.

  • Frasier (1993-2004)- About a psychiatrist who works at a radio station and lives with his dad and an English Housekeeping
  • Friends (1994-2004) -a group of Friend living in New York
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)- A sportswriter and his family lives across his parents. It is chaos!
  • That 70’s show – A group of High School kids hanging out in the 70s.
  • Two Guys and a Girl (1998-2001)- It is about two roommates Pete and Berg and their neighbor Sharon living in Boston and their crazy storylines
  • According to Jim (2001-2009)-About a Man who has an opinion about aq lot of thing. It is good writing and classy acting.

Other shows to check out! it isn’t old, but it ended a few years ago: How I Met Your Mother; Two and a Half Men


You guys should really check out these shows! They are great to watch and some are classic!


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