Harties has Heart

Hey, all the people out there. Badger hasn’t posted anything awhile. But now Badger has a couple of things to share. This weekend Badger was at the Hartebeespoort Dam in Hartebeespoort, North West, South Africa. It was his first time and it was lekker. There are so many things to do but unfortunately, Badger didn’t have enough time to do them. There is just one thing…. #HartiesIsLekker

He stayed at the Three Oaks and An Aloe Boutique Hotel in Hartebeespoort. The rooms are nice, clean, snazzy, cool, comfortable and Wheelchair Accesible. You have an option to rent an ensuite bedroom, a two bedroom Villa or A Luxury Villa. There is a restaurant, WIFI, a bar, swimming pool.

Breakfast was included. It was either a continental breakfast (buffet), an English Breakfast or an Omelette. It was delicious. I would definitely recommend this place. It is perfect for families, large tour groups or just you and your partner who wants to get away for the weekend. The staff is friendly and efficient. It is central to all the hotspots in the area. The environment was friendly and relaxing. Security was great. And it was quiet. There was no noise.

Both nights Badger had supper at two unique places. The first night was at the Niu Niu Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. It sat on the edge of a hill that overlooked the Hartebeespoort Dam. It was wheelchair friendly and the staff was competent. They had all the Chinese food you hear about in the movies. And it was delicious. Springrolls, Chowmein, Stirfry, Dumplings, Fortune Cookies, Soup, Bowties (the list goes on) and a lot of different types of Sushi. The Maki, California Rolls, Sushi Sandwiches, the list GOES on. If you like Chinese food or you want to try it and never did, visit this place. Badger also had a taste of Chinese Tea. It was lekker! Everyone was made welcome by the staff.

The second night Badger ate at Die Vette Mossel. It was also in Hartebeespoort. You only get in by Booking and you have to bring your own drinks, plates, cutlery and glasses. It is a restaurant that has a beach theme. The whole surface is covered with beach sand. Everywhere carved boards with funny saythings were hanged, the seats are your usual garden variety plastic chairs and tables and there is benches made from driftwood where some also sat on. The whole place was decorated in a nautical theme. There was a big bonfire. The Vibe was contagious. The staff and owners are friendly and makes every person feels welcome. Everyone was having a good time. This is a place for everyone. Even a couple got engaged when Badger was there.

But there is something unique about this place. You don’t place your order with a waiter. The owner was almost like the Ceremony Master. He welcomed everyone and told us what was the first meal and every meal after that. Everyone has to go and get their own food at the dishing-up table. (Buffet style)! First we had delicious fresh baked bread with Farm Butter and Homemade Jam. With that we got mussels. That was the first courses. And after that the courses went by. Snoek, salad, Dorado, Angelfiish, seafood potjie, Beef Potjie, Calamari, Prawns, Lobster, Fruit, Koeksisters, Badger can’t even remember much after that. I don’t need to say Badger was stuffed. Badger ate so much he could’ve ended hunger for 20 people. It was Awesome. Badger never had this great seafood before.

Just before Badger left for home he stopped at two places. The first place was at the Hartebeespoort Cable Car. It was awesome. Everything from top to bottom (literally) was Wheelchair Accesible and the staff was efficient. The management was awesome. Badger took the Table Mountain Cable Car twice and it was awesome riding on this one. When Badger reached the top of the Mountain where there is a bar with a great view that overlooks the town and the Dam Badger saluted the people that made it happen with a Coke. Owners, builders, investors, engineers! If you are in the area, do this. Take a ride on the cable car. It is awesome. And the prices are fair. After taking a lot of photos I went down the mountian. It was completely safe. I didn’t feel afraid at all. Just like the view from a top it was great sitting in the Pod, watching you go up and down the Mountain. I call these Cable Cars Pods. As you sit inside these you can see 360 Degrees around you.

The second place he stopped was at Jasmyn. A shopping complex in Meerhof, near Hartebeespoort! But it not the usual Mall type. There a lot of interesting shops. They have this awesome Bookshop that sells books a lot cheaper than Exclusive Books. There was a Fruit and Vegetable Store, restaurants and stalls that sells homemade items. Badger bough a lot of Michael Connoly’s books and a painting of an Elephant and a Wilddog imprinted on a Gemsbok Skin. There was just one bad thing. Not everything was WHEELCHAIR ACCESIBLE! I had to be carried up the whole flight of Stairs. And it is wrong! I hope Jasmyn’s Management do something about this. If a wheelchair can’t go up there, how can a Mother with a Stroller or someone with a trolly? Otherwise Badger enjoyed the atmosphere tremendously. It was like the Countryside at the Church Bazaar. People were buying, talking, arguing, laughing, singing and having FUN.

Hartebeespoort and the Dam will see Badger soon…


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