Afrikaans is “Groot”

To all the Afrikaans people out there I hope you will excuse me for typing this post in English. It is to share with the whole world the joy I experienced when I saw Afrikaans is Groot for the First time.

For those who doesn’t know what “Groot” means. it means big. So it translate it directly it means Afrikaans is Big. AIG is a concert where select Afrikaans singers holds multipule performances for a large amount of spectators every year at the Moreleta Church.

I can’t even described how I felt watching all the Afrikaans Music Icons performing. Icons like Laurika Rausch, Juanita du Plessis, Lianie May, Jay, Jannie Moolman, Emo Adams, Bok van Blerk and the most important Steve Hofmeyer! I only have one word! Wow! I was wowed. From the beginning until the end I was mesmerized.

It was greet seeing all these artists are proud of Afrikaans and they enjoy singing in Afrikaans. This concert made me proud to be Afrikaans and can call myself part of it. The music was great. It was great hearing familiar tunes and new ones. There was a bit for everyone. There wasn’t just Afrikaans songs. There were English songs and Dozi and Jannie Moolman sang an entertaining Zulu Duet.

And I liked how they brought humor into the performance. They showed they can be funny.It was the best three hours of my life and most certainly it was my money worth.

All the other Artists were also good. Everyone of them. “Sounds of Silence,” performed by Touch of Class was exceptional. It gave me Goosebumps and almost brought me to tears. Dutch singing teenage sensation Amira (she has South African roots) were also present. She sang beautiful in her soprano (I think that is the type called) voice. It was amazing. People are born with a different gift than someone else and singing is hers. It was also heartwarming to hear her thanking the crowd in pure Afrikaans.

The choreography, backup singers, back up dancers, musicians (the band), the people who controlled the lighting, special effects and the sound system was phenomenal. Well done to you. Martin Bester and Elana Bredenkamp-Afrika, you two are excellent hosts. Keep on the good work.

The people of Moreleta Park Church in Pretoria! Thank you for letting us use your church and experience this awesome concert. You have such an awesome layout and a modernly developed Church.

The organizers and promoters! You deserve a big pat on the back. Everything was well run! The support staff was efficient. You had stalls and refreshments available. I even bought an Afrikaans Is Groot T-Shirt

Goodluck for the rest of the shows that are being performed in the following weeks. I know it will be great as this one. I will see next year and the year after that. I hope Afrikaans is Groot or AIG keeps on growing. And like AIG was five years old this year, let’s hope it will be 50 years old!

Everything was Wheelchair friendly. Except for the parking terrain (the parts were uneven), but as a former attendee I will know where to park next time. My seats were great. I could use my six senses completely. I will recommend that everyone who enjoys music goes to Afrikaans Is Groot. Even if it is next year, (Apparently all the tickets for this year are sold). Or even if you don’t like Afrikaans music. Just go and enjoy hope, energy and the most important thing, Music….

Once again, Bravo everyone. Brava!


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