How to save the RHINO?

Everyone knows the rhino is in danger. Badger knows because he is part of the veld. He hears things. In the veld you also get #SocialMedia and today Badger would like to say Politicians worldwide should STOP talking, discussing and debating and do something. It is a full war out there. Especially in Southern Africa. Mozambique folk keep crossing the border to poach rhino in the nature rich Kruger Park in South Africa. Other game farms and Nature Reserve has been hit as well. Soon there will be none rhino’s left. There are more elephants than rhino’s. People will die too get their hands on a horn. Elephants tusks are also part of the demand. But the difference between Elephants and Rhino are their numbers. The demand for rhino horn has increased in countries like Vietnam and China. Ivory has more value than gold. Badger has thought of a ten point plan to curb poaching.

  1. Tighten Border Control at game parks and the border between Mozambique and the Kruger Park in RSA. Deploy more military there.
  2. First World Countries should offer more help, especially with protection
  3. CITES should consider that they need practical solutions. They have to stop refusing trade in ivory. Trade is the only way Rhino’s will survive. It is like hunting. If it wasn’t for hunting, conservation wouldn’t take place and a lot of species would be extinct.
  4. All countries should ban illegal trades in wildlife. They should have their own set of penalties.
  5. Farm with a rhino like Game Farmers do with Buffaloes. A couple of weeks ago a buffalo was sold for R168000000.00. South Africa already has a couple of Rhino Farmers. People also farms with crocodiles and in the Karoo the farm with ostriches. Why not Rhino’s.
  6. Legalize the rhino horn trade. This is a way to give economic and social development to poor communities. Give them a piece of land via Land Distribution and let the Private Sector help them set up a rhino breeding Program. They then trade in freshly harvested horns. Then ask lower prices (because it’s legal) and the market will be flooded with rhino horn. Soon syndicates will stop investing in poaching. And best of all there is no killing it.
  7. Harsh punishments for anyone who poaches.
  8. More countries with a similar climate the Rhino knows should adopt one or two to protect the species. In the 50’s Rhino were transferred from the Umfolozi in Zululand to Kruger because all Kruger’s Rhino were shot out. History repeats itself.
  9. The same rules applies to the Asian rhino’s.
  10. In a community where poachers live make sure there is economic and social development so that they stop poaching.
  11. Communities should be more involved.

Badger had to say something, because Ronnie the Rhino is actually a good bloke and should feel safe from harm. Remember there will always be people, but there won’t always be Rhino’s. Badger loves rhino and he is worried that people won’t have common sense to do what is right and practical. He doesn’t want to tell his grandson Lil’Badger one day about the fate of Ronnie and his folks. It is not going to be won by a fight (war) but with intelligence and the use of oppurtunities!


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