Badger Demands Your Attention

This post is for everyone. Pink, White, Black, Purple, Blue, Male, Females! We all have read or heard about the students at Wits, UCT, UKZN, Tuks, NMMU and all the other varsities who are striking. And breaking and burning stuff down. Badger would like to say to them, SING and DANCE, REFUSE to go to CLASS, but DON’T Break stuff. You guys demand

  1. Free Education
  2. Decolonized Education

Let Badger tell you something that he feels he had to share.

  1. A university has to have a lot of money to operate. If no one pays or only poor students, a lot of lecturers won’t be paid and courses and degrees won’t be available. Knowledge will be gone. I promise you the government won’t pay for everything. Only the minimum. Rather think of solutions. Don’t leave it to others. Be a part of it!
  2. How do you divide between rich and poor? What is the line!
  3. I agree those who aren’t on scholarships or got National Funding, they have to be helped. But those on National Funding, what are crying about?! You are there to get an education!
  4. National Funding should make pocket money and living expenses part of the deal.
  5. Stop Protesting. Our country needs its doctors, teachers, lawyers. you need to graduate.
  6. To the Government. Here is an idea. Let us all pay only 50% taxes. The rest we use to fund a student 100%. Small businesses pay for a FET degree or some sort of diploma. Private Hospitals and Schools should sponsor future doctors and teachers.
  7. Badger also read somewhere someone suggested using the Social Grants to fund a student. It will encourage more matrics to pursue an education. If he or she fails a year stop funding them.
  8. Students be proud of your Varsities, don’t break it down.
  9. Decolonized Education. Let Badger tell you. Math is math. Science is science! When he was at school he learned in History about the Struggle and Soweto Riots. What more do you want! In some schools that teach Drama Badger agrees Students should acts in their Home Language. And every white person should learn properly an African Language. Its fair. You learned English and Afrikaans. So should they.
  10. If a former Student, I can understand the issues, even though I never experienced them. Be calm!

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