Saffas in other Sport Codes

In South Africa you get ten sport codes where you excel at.

  • Soccer
  • Rugby (League, Union, Sevens or Tens)
  • Cricket
  • Gholf
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Netball
  • Hockey (men and woman)
  • Rowing
  • Boxing

There are other sporting codes that are not mentioned from above. Badger already did a piece on the NFL (American National Football League). Now he is doing a few others.

South Africa has an Ice Hockey Team. Most players  are locally based with teams called Pretoria Capitals, Cape Town Penguins and Johannesburg Wildcats. A few players are based in Canada and the USA at minor league teams. Olaf Golzig is the most famous Ice Hockey player (NHL) from our shores. He was born in RSA, but raised and played for Germany. He played 14 years for the Washington Capitols in the NHL in USA.

Baseball is big in America. In the movies we always hear of the Yankees and the Red Sox. Did you know we have baseball that we call Softball in RSA?Yeah, Badger was just as surprised. In the Cities they play it. And at the big, larney schools Badger once saw a tourney of Softball near the Moses Mabhiba in Durbs.

South Africa also has a Baseball team and represented our country 5 times at the World Champions. Anthony Philips plays for the Anaheim Angels in the MLB. His father Alan, is South Africa’s coach.

Gift Ngoepe became the First black South African and the sixth South African to sigh a professional contract. The Randburg born Basemen plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The others Saffas who plays MLB are Paul Bell (Milwaukee Brewers), Alessio Angelucci (San Diego Padres), Barry Armitage (Kansas City Royals), Paul Rutgers (Minesota Twins), Tim Harrel (minor League baseball player),Tyronne Lamont (Seattle Marineers). Some of them has a dual nationality with Australia.

So you can see we do other stuff. Next time Badger will post about Basketball (NBA)!!!

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