Afrikaans Music is not dying

There is a big problem with Afrikaans Music. Everyone seems to sing these days. Everyone who can play an instrument or act in a soapie. There is nothing wrong with it. But Badger feels there isn’t too much space for them all. That was propably why the Sabc said 90% content.They are suffocating each other. It is funny. Afrikaans is bleeding at Varsities but not the Music Scene. But here is the thing.  Content is not original. Songs got boring.  But there is a Kid on the Block who makes Badger believe in Afrikaans Music. Refentshe…

Recently it was Badgers birthday and he requested his (Refentshe) first CD after hearing his buddies raving about and seeing one of his vides on Youtube. My hart is n taal. And jeez Louise. This guy can sing. A Koos du Plessis and Laurika Rauch Medley, a Steve Hofmeyer, David Kramer and Jak de Priester song can be found on the CD. His two original songs Baby waar eet ons vanaand and Oom Faan se Plaas is great song. There are other songs you might recognize. This guy is a find for the future. He makes it fun to listen Afrikaans. He shows us reconciliation can takes place. A black man singing Afrikaans songs better than any current Afrikaans artist. he simply sings Afrikaans songs for the love of it. And Badger cant wait for his second CD. Well done to who ever discovered him. Buy this cd.

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