This week

This week we have many things to look forward to. This week is a week of History being made.

  1. This Wednesday, the 3rd of August is Badgers 22 nd birthday. Geez, he feels old. a real old toppie. if he was in Game of Thrones he would be a grandpa already.
  2. On Wednesday is the Local Elections for Municipalities. is Badger, voting Blue, Yellow or Red. I guess only time will tell.
  3. On Friday is the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. The first of South America. But apparently a lot of sh** is going around so we will see what goes for what.
  4. On Saturday 9h45 is the replaying of the 1995 World Final but in this case the Superrugby Final in Wellington between the Lions from RSA and the Hurricanes. Who would win? Badger hopes the Lions ROARS like the Katy Perry song and make this week memorable.

Have a nice week

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