Motivations for you

There are a lot of people with disabilities out there. Some can be physical and others  not. IT doesn’t mean they know how to handle it.

What is courage? What is fear? It is what you do, what others says you can’t. You can’t let fear control you. You have to beat it, get over it. In any way you can. Others can’t define, only you can do it.

Don’t worry what others think, worry what you think.

If you can’t accept who you are, how can you expect others to.

In bad times or in distress, turn to Faith and go on, without looking back. It is the only thing you can do

No matter what disability you have, do anything you want if you believe in what you do

Tomorrow will come, face it

Be true to yourself, other like it

If you face obstacles, know you’ll beat it

Its part of you, embrace it

Think what sort of person you will be without the disability, mostly Bad

Everything happens because it must, if you like it or not

Badger will be back for more…….


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