Back after a Long time

Sorry Badger was gone so long. He hasn’t posted in a while. He was busy. Firstly on the 18th of June he went to Ellispark in Johannesburg to watch the Bokke played Ireland. What a game!!!!!!! Beautifull tries were scored. It was tense. There were a lot of nervousness and tension flying around. After the match he got to meet the Bok Heros. 18 pics were taken of him and the Manne like Etzebeth and Lood and Duanne Vermeulen and even Coach Allistair.

Staying IN the retro looking Reef Hotel in Marshal Town was great. it was wheelchair accessible. The staff were friendly. it was clean and the food were great. Hotel Shuttle took Badger to the New Town Junction were he looked around the trendy, vibrant mall and its surroundings. And the Shuttle Ride Badger Saw a lot of attraction like the Mandela Bridge or the old John Vorster Police Station.

The next day Badger went to the Mall of Africa and sampled a Starbucks Coffee for the First time. WHat an experience. The Mall of Africa is a Marvel. Perfect for Wheelchairs.

A week later Badger was in Nelspruit, staying in the Savubi Lodge. he went to watch finding Dory. it was a laugh. it bought back memories from Finding Nemo. It was like going back to your Childhood. The next day Badger went to the Sudwala Caves but it was not accessible at all. Owners should really do something about. Badger was disappointed

His next stop was the Kruger Park. 16 days, 10 leopards, 80 lions, a cheetah and many other animals and birds. He went camping. it was a pleasure as always. Back in the Bush. Feeling the solitudes.

his last stop was Badplaas Forever Resorts. He didn’t do any stuff they had to  offer but he will be back soon and give you and update. What a month.



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