Schools rugby: To professional?

A couple of days ago Badger was at a schools game. And as he sat and watch them play he thought about teams like Glenwood, Paarl Boys High, Affies, Dale, Garsfontein. And he asked himself. Doesn’t schools rugby seams too professional too you? Don’t bigger schools buy smaller schools best players to make them strong? Are they just like the SuperTeams? Buy players with dodgy ways. Play older players and fake their ID info? How many of those are playing Professional Rugby these days? How many get lost after U!8 Craven Week? And Badger realised a couple of things.

  • Yes, big schools buy players from Smaller schools
  • Those smaller schools especially in the countryside like the local high school of a town don’t get the same infrastructure and development the big, strong schools get.
  • Stories has reached the media about the ways one school sly becomes the services of another schools players.
  • Craven Week like the KZN side doesn’t reflect ON THE Schols in KZN especially from the Countryside. These player has to be happy with KZN CD Academy Week or VKB North Natal/South Natal.
  • Craven Week unions like the Pumas, Limpopo and Boland use players from all their schools.
  • There are many other schools part of the Griffons and Free State union and they don’t get chances. The Free State teams are full of Grey College and Louis Botha players
  • Our country wants to develop more black players. Shouldn’t they look for them in the Countryside especially in KZN and the Eastern Cape at schools that aren’t nescerially  big rugby schools. They should be helped and developed. At some schools rugby went bust. They should be helped and encourage to pick it up again.
  • We should stop thinking BLACK PLAYERS are not good enough. they are good enough. they can even be better. with the right help and encouragement.
  • Instead of buying the players to bigger schools shouldn’t they be developed at their schools where they feel comfortable.
  • Parents who take their to a school for sport, should asked themselves, do you want the Kid to enjoy a the game and will my kid go far?
  • Community members should do their duty and help with sport development
  • Old Unions should be brough back at Craven Week Level. Eastern Free State, Northern Natal, Stellaland, South Free State. All the union that got to be sub unions of a bigger ones
  • A lot of tralent goes through the drain. We all focus on Craven Week and the U16 Grant Khomo. What about Academy Week, LSEN, VKB rugby week. What we don’t allow realize is that stars are not always shining when they are young.
  • Children should be teach to enjoy the game.
  • It has to be accessible to all
  • Drugs and Steriods should be a big no-no
  • South Africans should drop their association with Size
  • if you look former bok players up especially before we went professional you will see a lot players came from countryside schools

Badger says its time we take rugby back to our schools and transform our game from Big School Players to all school Players.



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