On the 19th of May Badger took the N3 to Pietermaritzburg. No, he didn’t run the Comrades, but he did attend the Royal Show at the Pietermaritzburg Show ground. What a fun day.

  • There were food of any kind. Curry, chips, burgers, Kfc
  • A couple of beerhalls
  • Halls full of people and stall promoting the newest stuff or any kind of stuff on the market
  • Artist and entrepeneurs had their products there to sell. There were maqny unique stuff Badger hasn’t seen before.
  • Agriculture technology like the newest tractors and Livestock like cattle, pigs, sheep, horses.
  • There was a Snake House with many kinds of snakes
  • A bird cage with many kinds of birds
  • Bikers did stunts
  • Music were playing
  • Badger did the Hilux Tough Fest. You drive in a Hilux Bakkie with a driver over a big obstacle course-contraption. The Hilux went up on the ramp-contraption 43® and down 43®. It had a great feeling
  • There were rides for the kids to enjoy

You could spend many hours browsing and walking around. There was something and I mean it for all. The Show is still on for a couple of more days. It is wheelchair accessible. Go stop by. badger hasn’t been here for quite a while, but he is so impressed and enjoyed his day he is coming again next year. Ciao

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