Club Rugby in Ladysmith

On Friday Night Badger packed his coolbox with Biltong and Beer and went off to watch the second Club Rugby Fixture Ladysmith Bulldogs against Drakensberg from Winterton at Settlers Park in Ladysmith. Drakensberg won 22-7.

It is obvious that since he lived in the area a long time he attended many matches at Settlers Park, but no. it was only Badgers Second Time. The last time he attended a game there was in the former Millenium.

Badger enjoyd the game tremendously. There were action, yellow cards, red cards, a couple of fights. And it was great seeing his mates play on sides. Then Badger realized something. in the age of Professional Rugby Club Rugby brings people together, to form a United Front, a Community. In the teams are farmers, teachers, Businessmen etc. Week nights after work they offer their time to go to practice. that is something Badger admires. People making time for each other.

It was also AWESOME seeing people from both Communities (Winterton and Ladysmith) coming to support their their boys. It was also great to seeing of all races and creeds sitting in the stands cheering for the hometeam. If only it could be like that all over.


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