Giving back the ‘Advice’

Badger lives in the countryside. There are many poor people living here. they don’t have jobs and they live on goverment grants. Politici has been reported ‘Give back the land’, “Redistribution of Land”, “Agriculture wil create jobs”. That may be true but Badger has a few Questions about land. If this was the 1920s when agriculture still had primitive methods Badger would  say it would be easier giving back land. Now Agriculture has developed in Technology and Chemicals and machinery. Badger knows Farming isn’t easy. it takes hard work and many lessons along the way. Badger knows he himself cant get a piece of land and expected to be successful immediately.He has to learn on his own.

  1. How will be decided who gives back the Land?
  2. How will be decided who gets the land?
  3. What if there is two or more claims on one farm?
  4. Will the people be trained?
  5. Will Upcoming farmers receive help?
  6. Will they get sufficient advice?
  7. Will they sufficient funds to run their farms?
  8. Will the benefictiaries be knowledgeable on Technology and Chemicals and machinery?
  9. Or  will they be expected to learn on their own?
  10. If new owners move in, what will happen to the farm workers?
  11. How will it benefit Food Security?
  12. Game farms? What will happen to the animals? Game farming brings a lot of money to our country (tourism,hunting)
  13. He knows it can create jobs, but do people want to farm? Worldwide people has a problem in the Youth who doesn’t want to farm but go to the city.
  14. Badger really hopes various organizations and the Government can work together to get a solution that works for all!

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