Badgers Playlist

Badger loves music. But it means he likes the newest tunes! he sometimes prefers the old ones. Badger believes music sets you free. it can transform your energy and thoughts. Here is his Top20 Playlist

  1. Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
  2. Great Hearth- Johnny Clegg
  3. Mississippi_ Pussycat
  4. Teenage Queenie- Pussycat
  5. America-Neil Diamond
  6. Soos Bloed-Theuns Jordaan
  7. Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
  8. Piano man- Billy Joel
  9. Another Day in Paradise- Phil  Collins
  10. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For- U2
  11. The Gambler-Kenny Rogers
  12. No Surrender-Bruce Springsteen
  13. Simply the Best-Tina Turner
  14. Living Next Door to Alice-Smokie
  15. Something Right-Westlife
  16. Beautiful in Beaufort West-Theuns Jordaan
  17. I lived-One Republic
  18. Red Solo Cup-Toby Keith
  19. Believe-Cher
  20. Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons

Badger hopes you agree with them. and remember keep on listening


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