winter is here

Today Badger is sitting, drinking hot chocolate with Marsmallow with a blanket draped over his shoulders, the heater is on, my aircon blowing warm air. Jip, you guessed right, it is winter. If Badger wants another sigh that he is right he just have to look outside his window and see the snow on the Drakensberg Mountains.

Not all of us enjoy’s winter. We prefer the summer even though he then constantly complains about the heat. The winter means adaptions. It means

  • Warmer clothes
  • Shorter days
  • Longer nights
  • Colds
  • Flu’s
  • Bigger electricity bill
  • LoadShedding (that’s up to Eskom)
  • No swimming
  • No fishing

Badger prefer to look at the good side of our coldest season. Even though he does not follow suit like his peers and hibernate, Badger looks forward to

  • No mosquitos
  • No snakes (hibernation)
  • June rugby test matches (This year against Ireland)
  • Going to the Kruger Park for his annual visit in the July Holiday
  • Hunting season
  • The middle of club rugby season (Ladysmith Bulldogs or Drakensberg Rugby Club)
  • Lekker winters food like Curry or Bobotie

So as Badger say, there is good and bad at every situation. Focus on the bright stuff and before you know it winter will be over.



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