To touch live animals

As you know Badger is nature’s most ferocious, tough, mean and brave’s little animal. He is also very scare. A lot of people would like to touch him and tell their friends about. He can’t let them do it but he could tell you of other places where you can touch an animal, excluding GAME PARKS or ZOOs. They are all in South Africa and are WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY!


Near the town of Klaserie in Limpopo is a rehabilitation centre for vultures and other types of endangered birds. This place takes care of them till they can be releases back into the wild. They have mammals like tigers, lions and cheetahs as well. They have tours they used to promote the protection of vultures and the other animals. Badger even saw another Badger.

Cheethahs Rehabilitation Centre

Near Hoedspruit in Limpopo is a cheethahs rehabilitation centre. There are leopards, wilddogs, two species of cheethahs. They have a tour. They take you around on a gamedrive to see and watch their animals.. They even allow you to touch some of them. The tours are interesting and a lot knowledge can be found.

Drakensberg Reptile Park

In the Drakensberg near the town of Winterton on the road that takes you the Boys Choir and Champagne there is a reptile park. Snakes, spiders, alligators and all types of small mammals can be found here and you will have to opportunity to touch them. Even an anaconda! The tours are informative. And it is the ideal place for Kids.

Letaba River Lodge

Near Tzanzeen is a lodge that has something interesting to offer. It is a fully functioned farm with a lodge and restaurant. Then on one side of the property there are cages with African Cats, Rooi Katte, Genets, Baby Hyenas, baby wilddogs, baby warthogs and lion cups. You have the opportunity to interact with them. Then on the other side of the property they take you on a gamedrive and in big cages you can see tigers and lions.

Lion Farms at Frankfort and Vrede

A long time Badger visited two farms near Frankfort and Vrede in the Free State. They had lions. Badger can remember playing with the CUBS. It was fun.

Scottburgh Croc Farm

Near Scottburgh is a crocodile farm. You can touch the baby crocs, but not the adults. There are a lot of them. You can watch the workers feed them. It is a big experience. Seeing the creating using their mouth. Wow!!!!! The have a section with snakes and birds as well. This place makes it Worth to visit.


On a wine estate at Stellenbosch in the Western Cape Badger had the opportunity to stroke and touch a cheethah. Badger has been there touch and each time was a great experience.

Visit these places. There are plenty of others as well. Go and have a positive experience.


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