The legend of Geluksburg

Every place has a story! Harare, Rio de Janerio, Timbukto. Badger would like to tell you of another place. It is called Geluksburg. Geluks mean luck in Afrikaans It was once a thriving town in KZN with a school and a church. Now it’s in despair. A lot of people moved away. And only a handful of farmers owns the land. The school is nothing more, the maximum attendees of the NG church today are seven people. According to Badger family members Geluksburg NG Church used to have a lot of attendees. More than 200. Apparently the Bazaars (Festival) were quite extrodianary. Not a lot goes on there today unfortunately. The church is today part of the Bergville Chapter, although services still takes place. There is a place nearby called the ‘Die Verlore Vallei’ it means The Lost Valley. It is a valley at the side of the town.

Growing up Badger heard a lot of stories. Good and bad. The main one he heard was the people who lived in the lost valley. In the 1830 when the Voortrekkers moved away from the cape Colony and came over the Drakensberg mountains. Apparently some families refused to move further and settled in a place of their choice. The Lost Valley. They remained there for a long time. The world changed, they didn’t. They had kids and their kids had kids and they stayed in the Valley, their ways and traditions stayed the same for more than a hundred years or so. They didn’t know the modern world as others. They prefered to remain secluded. As the time went by a lot of their descendants came out of the valley and some stayed nearby in Bergville, Winterton, Ladysmith and even Geluksburg itself and caught up with times. Eventually only a handful stayed and what happened to them Badger doesn’t know. Maybe they all died out.

Badger would let you know what he learned further as soon as possible.


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