SpioenkopDam is a lekkerdam

We all have a place to go to. For New Yorkers it is Central Park, for Aussies it is Bondi Beach, for the poms it is Cornwall and for local okes like Badger it is Spioenkap Dam.

Spioenkop Dam is a big dam that is part of the Spioenkop Nature Reserve. It gets its water from the Tugela River. The Dam was build in the 70s, 80s and today it is one of the main recreational zone in the area. A big part of the dam borders various farm and on one farm is the House Boat. It is a big boat that can host people or parties. Many a Sunday Badger has spent there.

Spioenkop Nature Reserve is controlled by Ezemvelo and the reserve has many antelopes like impala, Eland, Hartebess, Zebra, kudu, Giraffe, Blue Wildebeest, Rhino and other types of grass eaters. Sight have been reported of brown hyena as well.

Spioenkop was also a battlefield during the Anglo Boer War. The internet is full of details. Check it out, in black and white.

Here are the main activities you can do at Spioenkop

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Game viewing
  • Braai
  • Suntanning
  • Drive with a boat on the dam
  • Accomadation is available
  • It is a perfect for history tourist, there is a monument about the War
  • Walks
  • watersport

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