Cable Car or not?

We all now the Cable Car hat takes you up to TABLE MOUNTIAN. The word on the street is that they want open something in the Drakensberg. A UNESO World HERITAGE SITE. This Cable Car will be 12 km long. it will start at the Nondela Golf Estate near Bergville and all the Way in Lesotho. it will stop at the Afrikski esort in Lesotho. Now if that still is going to happen Badger don’t know. They are still debating. Badger heard various rumours. then the project is on then it is off. Badger don’t know what is going to happen but he wants to mention a few things

  • it will be good for the local community
  • economic development
  • community upliftment
  • something new for tourist to experience
  • Badger will go ride on it many times
  • Nondela would be revived. it never reached its potential before

Now Badger has a view questions first he would like answers to

  • What will they do if their is snow on the Mountains?
  • If it rains, what will they do?
  • Passangers would be transported to  other countries. what about immigration?
  • Who would run it? Private sectors or the Public Sector?
  • Would it be Wheelchair accessible?

Personally Badger think the project is a great idea and he hopes they can sort out the logistics problems.


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