Attack in The Berg

Badger heard about the attack on three hikers in the UKhahlamba Drakensberg. let him just say he is appalled that something so terrible could happen in a what we consider as safe and remote place.. Apparently the were attacked

  • at night while sleeping In their tents
  • stones got thrown at them
  • dogs attacked them
  • one hiker was seriously attacked
  • the assailants demanded money
  • the attackers were from Lesotho

Here is a couple of things badger want to know. Why were the attacked? The hikers were defenseless. Did the attackers think the hikers carry a lot of money? What would the results that happened on the attack? Would Hiking be stopped? Can we expect more stuff like this? Will you have to implement safety measure if you are going hiking? Would security have to be arranged? What influence I this attack going to have on the local economy and community? That’s the questions Badger has and only time will tell…

Let us hope this was just a once off. The UKhahlamba Drakensberg is such a beautiful place and it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Badger hopes that this attack doesn’t put the Hikers off from hiking.



2 thoughts on “Attack in The Berg

  1. Hi Badgerbuzz. These thugs are all over the world they seem to get pleasure out of hurting others. Is anybody safe today? Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures great to meet you. I am very interested in all things paranormal! Writing is a passion that keeps me alive and sane! Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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