Hier sit die manne in die Royal Hotel. Here sits the gents in the Royal Hotel. That is a song

We all grow up. We all have places to remember. Badger has a place. The Royal Hotel in Ladysmith. Many a Sunday growing Badger would go the Royal Hotel for lunch. It was a buffet lunch. The place has a British theme. Stepping into the hotel makes you go back in theme. To the British colonial days. The décor, bar, rooms, architecture. It makes you feel like the old days. As we all know Ladysmith played its part in the Anglo-Boer War. It gives a history type of vibe. As you are inside, it feels as if people from 1890s and 1900s are joining you for lunch. It doesn’t feel as if the times have changed. It is like stepping into the past.


  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Efficient staff
  • Good management
  • A Ladysmith institution
  • Article, artefacts and old photos are on display
  • Its in Murchison Street
  • Great food
  • Accomadation
  • Function facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Safe parking
  • Next to the Crown hotel

Badger has spent many Sundays at the Royal WITH HIS FAMILY. For celebrations, good times and bad times. In his teens, pre-teens and adult years. Take his advice. Go with your family. If it’s for Sunday lunch or just having a drink. You will always remember it. This place is special….

Here sits Badger in THE Royal Hotel.

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