Scene one

Shows a couple of animals in nature. Like elephants drinking water in the Chobe river, hippo’s swimming around, birds flying, antelopes running, zebras and giraffes eating in the veldt, lions eating a carcass.

Scene two

Len du Plessis voice over while a man and a woman unpacking boxes while now and look radiantly at each other

Hi. My name is Len du Plessis. I am 24 years old. Im married to Rachelle. We met varsity and got married gradation. Afterwards we decided to settle in her home country Botswanna. Her dad has a odge at the Chobe National Park. She is gonna work here while I help out weekend. I got a job teaching at the local high school in Kasane. I know we are going to be very happy here.

Scene Three

They are unpacking boxes when Mike Jack, her dad enters the room. They live in a big openspaced room that has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a sitting all-in-one.

Jack: I see the unpacking is going well? (looking around, smiling)

Len: Ja, everything is good. Thanks a lot for giving us the space. We know it should have been used for guests.

Jack: anything for my daughter, anything to keep her here

Rachelle: Ag, daddy, thank you so much for everything, seriously. You have done so much for us.

She walks over to where he is standing and gives him a hug.

Len: Thanks Mike, we really appreciate. And thank for organizing the job at the school.

Mike: my pleasure. Are you alright with to help out weekends?

Len: Ja, sure problem.

Mike: I will leave you two love see you in the morning. I will have someone show you around tomorrow and Rachelle I want at your desk tomorrow at eight. Good night.

He walks out without another word. Len walks to Rachelle, takes her at the waist and says lovingly

Len: Welcome love, welcome home.

She turns around and they kiss while the camera leaves the room by zooming out the view

Scene four

Len walks into the foyer of Lechwe Lodge. People are mulling around. Guests check in, receptionist answer the phones. It is a big setup. A short blacks with the lodge walks up to him and holds his hand for Len to shake. He speaks in accented English

Len: Hello, can I help?

Leo: No, I am here to help you. Mr. jack said I must show you around. I’m Leo. The tracker. He said you will be my guide. Lekker

Len: Where did you learn lekker?

Leo: there is a lot of South Africans here or visiting. And my brother lives in eGoli.

Len: Johannesburg? That where I’m from?

Leo: Hau, and you coming here?

Len: People are coming and people are going

Leo: Mr. Mike ask me to show you where everything are and how it works.

Len: ok

Leo: Follow me

From here scenes are being showed where Len takes him to the kitchen, storeroom, dining room, guest rooms, bar, restaurant, pool area, recreation are, vehicle room. Here Len sees the room, looks around and goes the next one. He shakes hands with the people working in the room and each room he does something to help them. In the kitchen he helps watching dishes, in the guest room he folds bed, in the dining room, bar, restaurant and pool area he helps cleaning up and in the office he helps with admin. Leo shows him how to drive the safari vehicle. Music that was particulary written are being played. No dialogue takes place.

Scene five

in this scenes he rides on a rubber on a rubberduct n the Chobe river while staring at the animals that are showed. Elephants, lions, hippos, antelopes and many other animals. Leo is stearing the boat. He is showing while pointing his finger at the sights and can seen telling Len about the wildlife and ecology..

Len (voice over): here I am on the Chobe river. It is beautiful. Rachelle always told me about this place new how amazing it is. Here are heaps of animals and birdlife. When I was small, my parents always went to Kruger National, but this is nothing like. Sure the park has many animals but here you get to feel of the wildness of the dark continent. Here I am, riding on a boat that are infested with hippos and crocodiles. I am even seeing animal like Lechwes camera shows an antelopes that is quite common in the area. I am very glad Rachelle convinced me to come and live here. I don’t think I want to live anywhere else.

Scene six

Len and Leo are still on the river. They are watching the sunset. They are still in the boat. They both drink a beer. They look relaxed as if the accepted each other as friends

Len: Tell me about life in Kasane?

Leo: Ah, there is rich people and theres poor people. We all work around in the lodges and game parks. If we want job and cat find we go south to Gabarone or the republic. We have poverty here, but things better now that Zimbabwe is going down.

Len: Do you know the High School?

Leo: My children are there. The school expensive, but good education

Len: Where did you learn English

Leo: We have missionary school, not far, but I have to leave, my wife was pregnant. Baas Mike give job. My father, he work here.

Len: Did he work a long time for Mr. Mikes family

Leo: Yebo, even my great grandfather did. Mr. Mike and his generations, here long time

Leo: We must go. We don’t hippo to fight us. It is dangerous. We have a lot of work tomorrow. Lets go.

And off they went, back home, to the lodge. It can be seen in the dark from the river

Scene Seven

the next day Len drives guest around the park while Leo is tracking for him. He talks to the guest and what he doesn’t he can be seen asking Leo. Yves V-Sonica is being played. In this back ground there is no dialogue. It is all action.

Firstly it is being show that Len is talking to guests while Leo is driving. Then it is being seen that they are going on a walk. Leo is leading, tracking, reading the bush for and sings. Sometimes he pick up a stick or tast a piece of grass. They find elephant walking in the plain and a leopard in tree. Then when they for a cruise on the river they find lions drinking water

Scene eight

Len was sitting in a school with other adults on a stage. He was at school. His first day. All the children was sitting the principal, a white guy Mr. Barry making announcements.

Barry: I would know like to welcome our newest staff member to our school. We are very glad that he joined our faculty. Please raise your hands for Mr. Du Plessis.

Applause. Len stands and walk to where the podium is and says

Len: Thank for your warm welcome. I’m very glad to be here. Thank you for the great opportunity. I will teach history and maths. I am Johannesburg and I’m very happy to get a chance here. Thank you

He goes back to his seat. The children are clapping hands


Scene nine

Len is standing in his class writing on his blackboard. His class is full. 30 student. He is teaching history. They are listening intensely to him, concentracing, focusing on what he tell them. He appears to be confident, but is actually very nervous.

Len: So in March 1898 Britian put Botswana under protection after Boers of South Africa were trying to move in the country. It was known as the Bechuanaland Protectorate. In 1910 when South African began to govern on its own, the northern part of Bechuanaland became Botswana, but the southern became part of the cape colony. Today there are many Setswana people living in South June 1964 Britian accept proposals that Botswana becames independent and in 1966 it happened under the leader Seretse Khama, claimant of the Ngazo tribe. Our current president is his son.

Boy1: Wow sir

Boy2: We didn’t know that

Len: Then you don’t know your history

Girl1: How do you know all of this?

Len: It is my job to know

Scene ten

 Len and the principal’s walks around, doing break duty. The children ar mulling around and they are talking

Len: How long have you been teaching here for?

Barry: Ten years, before that I was a teacher in Vietnam, but I had a longing for home so I came to Botswana to be near.

Len: Ever want to leave?

Barry: Crikey no, my wife is visiting the children, they are boarding school in Natal.

Len: Why aremt they here?

Barry: She comes from a rich blue-blood farming family. They all went to these larny private schools and they are paying so I have no complains. But I like being a teacher here and I feel I help kids grow. Many of our old student went to university or got good jobs. This place touches your heart, no wonder your wife came back, you will too love this place.

“I see there aren’t many sport that are being teached here, only netball, athletics, soccer and netball.

Barry: We are more of a cultural and academic institution. Next term we’re planning to building a hostel. This is the best schools for many kilo’s.

Len: Ok, it sounds great, but…

Barry: Yes?

Len: Don’t you want to create something new?

Barry: What do you have in mind?

Len: When I know I will tell you

Then the bell rang which announced the end of break. Everybody is walking back to their class room

Scene eleven

That evening Len, Rachelle and Mike were sitting at the dining room table on the veranda overlooking the Chobe river. They were eating dinner. Around them guests were also sitting at tables and eating.

Len: So tell me Mike, how did your family get up here?

Mike: It is a long story

Len: We have loads of time

:Mike: My grandfather was a bloody good rugby player in England. After playing a few games for England he lost his wife so he had to get away. He came to Africa to hunt and after years settled around here. Meanwhile on a train for Mafikeng he met an Afrikaner woman and before they reach their destination they were enaned. After the wedding they moved with her family. It as around 1931 when this area was declared non hunting ground. They then started to farm. Cattle, crops you name it. They struggled to hardship, poverty and drought. Meanwhile my father was born and somehow the made living. In 1960, after 29 years this non hunting area became a national park. We sold most of our land to Park people and then we started a lodge and you know the rest from there on.

Len: And here the Jack are, ever since. It is like something a story. Leo told me he was second or third generaion of his family working here.


Scene twelve

Len walks around school where was on his way to his classroom when he saw to boys fight. One he seems to recognized by the expression on his face. He hurries forward and with the help of other boys he puts a stop to the fight. He drags one boy by his collar to the class in front of him.

Len and Thabu are sitting in a classroom facing each other. Len is upset and Thabu has a bleeding lip and an angry expression on his face

Len: Why are you being so difficult?

Thabu: (keeps quiet)

Len: Anwer me! Why did you start the fight? Why do you keep making trouble? You are intelligent boy. You can far, but you need to aplly yourself

Thabu: he was being disrespectful

Len: How (perplexed, confused)

Thabu: He made comments about my family, my mother

Len: And you think it would help if you hit him back like a tsotsi from the south of Jo’burg.

Thabu: (keeps quiet)

Len: You have to hit back with words, insults his mother if you want to, but you cannot physically confront him, unless he attacks you and you have to defend yourself

Thabu: I’m not like that, I won’t insults his mama like he did to mine. I wasn’t raised like that. My mama would kill me if she finds out

Len: There you have it. We know you are not like that. You are a good person with a big heart. But you still have some issues to address

Thabu: Like what?

Len: Anger boet, you have anger issues and there is no money to go and see a counselor here bouts, so we have to find a way for you to help you control it.

Scene thirteen

That day after school he climbed into his car and drove home. as he drove through town he saw a familiar person. It was Leo, walking on the side walk. As he pulled the car of the road he waved to Leo to get in. he did

Len: Where are you going?

Leo: Home. not far.

Len: Let metake take.

And drove through and afer a couple of treets he turned of the road and stopped next to a road. Here was a small house. The walls were from and brick and the roof from sink.

Leo: You must come in. I must show my wife you. And my children.

They got out. Leo opened the gate and in the yard they went. A big woman came out to meet them. She was introduced as Gladys, his wife. The said something to each in a other language.

Leo: Come ad meet my children

Len followed him and at the opposite side of the house they found to buys passing a ball to each other. One Len recognized with a shock as Thabu. Leo called over and they ran to where he and Len where standing. Thabu looks sullen and gloomy and Vuyo was bright and friendly

Leo: my sons, Thabu and Vuyo. They are in your school

Len: Afternoon gents. I see you like rugby

Vuyo: Yes sir. We play a lot, but there’s no teams here

Scene Fourteen

Len was standing into his classroom speaking to the headmaster at his desk. The headmaster was sitting on a wooden chair

Barry: You want to start what?

Len: A rugby team

Barry: You are mad! We don’t even have the facilities

Len: We have a soccer field we can transform. We can get sponsors.

Barrry: that is good and everything but will the children play? Who is gonna put up the poles?

Len: We will worry about that later1 but the question can we start to try and get a team together. In three months there is a completion in Gabarone, I think we should enter

Barry: Yes, you can try to get a team together. I actually excited of the idea of getting a rugby team. I will make an announcement tomorrow at assembly

Scene fifteen

The next day there was assembly. All the teachers sat on the stage and the children were sitting on the chairs in the hall. After Mr.Barry’s prayer he said

Barry: Mr. Du Plessis would like to make an announcement.

Len walks to the podium and said through the mike.

Len: With Mr.Barry permission I’m starting a rugby team school. Trails will be next week for thosewho wants to play. Please join us. Oh ya, you play with toks boots, just like soccer if you cant afford please come talk to me. And your parents must give permission. Thank you.

The learners doesn’t respond.

Scene sixteen

At break time Len and Barry walks around again. The moment they stepped on the playground they were surround by a group of mainly 10 white boys that wants play. Unfortunately not all are what he had in mind they were small. While Yolanda Adams- I Believe plays to two men can be seen chatting with the boys. They are excited. While the song gets interrupted for a short while when when white boy with blonde hair says…

Michael: My dad said he will pay for the toks and the poles

Len: Who is your dad?

Michael: John Shaw, we Shaws owes many lodge around here. Many of the okes here with parent here for me

Len:When did you speak to him? I only made announcement this morning.

Michael: I bring my phone me to school

And he flashes his iPhone infront of Len in a very cocky manner.quickle he and mob walks away. The found out everything they had to. The song goes on.

Scene seventeen

Thabu: How sir?

Len: As you know, the headmaster, Mr. Barry is like me from South Africa and he is a rugby fanatic. I have his permission to start a rugby team here. I want you to join and help attract interest from other boys to.

Thabu: Sir, you are crazy. We don’t play rugby here, we play soccer!

Len: No, I’m not crazy

Thabu: Where are we going play? There is no school nearby that will play. We have to go and in play Gaborone.

Len: Exactly. (He holds out a piece of paper. Thabu takes it and looks at it)

Thabu: What is it?

Len: The Botswana Rugby Schools Knockout Cup.

Thabu: Never heard of it?

Len: It is a schools rugby competition. They are looking for sixteen teams to play. They hope that this might develop rugby in the country.

Thabu: It is like the Craven Week down south

Len: How the hell do you know that? So you do know of rugby.

Thabu: My brother lives in Gauteng. He supports the Lions. Everytime he comes to visit, he tells me about it. What do we get if we win?

Len: 100,000 PULA

Thabu: I’m in boss, I will get 22 guys to play

Len: 30, even more, in case of injuries

Thabu: 30 or more it is

Scene eighteen

Len and Mr.Barry is standing on the field. It was transformed to a rugby field. It was a clear sunny day. The poles are up and the lines have been marked. Michael shaw and his gang were present. The can be seen playing an improntu game. Thabu can be seen coming cover with a pack of boys following. One of them was his brother Vuyo. When they reached them Len called for everyone’s attention by waving his hand.

Len: Thank you all for coming. Im glad so many of you came. We will work hard to play in our competition. For the next week days we will have fitness and trails and then we will select a team. If you are chosen, don’t be disappointed. Try your best

Barry: form a line and one-one you say out your name.

They form a line and one-one they came forth and gave Mr.Barry their names and he writes it down on a clipboard.

Names: Michael, Samson, Innocent, John, Frank, Elvis, William, Luke, David, Crazy, Tolly, Timmy, Dolo, Caster, Simba, Pumba and Timon. There other names well.

Scene ninetheen

In this screen there will only be action. No words. While ‘The Bats’ song Vat hom Dawie is being played you can see the coaches try to teach the pass (throw the ball to another), scrum, line-out(jump), tackling(stop a player with your body. They can also be seen doing doing fitness drill: running, leopard crawling, push ups. Nothing seems to work. They do everything wrong. They do totally the opposite from what they must do. When the pass the drop the ball, they tackle wrong, the scrums and lineouts crumbles down. The players are also infit.

Scene twenty

This scene is almost the same as the previous, the players do everything wrong again. There is no spirit. It looks like they forgot everything. We now it is the next day because the sun are not shining. Journey ‘Don’t stop believing.’ Are playing as the background music. Everyone is tired and disappointed. After practice they walk off dejectedly

Scene twenty-one

Philip Philips ‘Have you ever seen the rain’ is playing. Everything is going to plan. The boy are fitter, they are better at doing some fitness exercises. They are passing, tackling, scrumming and doing line out better. They look happy and excited.

Len: Right. I have something to say. We have a squad of 30 players. We will have two teams. The best of the 2nd will be chosen as reserves. Some boys didn’t pitch today or yesterday. Please don’t stay away.

Barry: right now, wer going to need kickers. Anyone interested?

Len: Please, if you want to, but don’t know. Don’t worry, we will learn you

After a lot of whispering, two boys came forth. Vuyo, John and Michael come forward.

Len: Now you take the ball and kick as far as you can that’s all you have to do.

John kicks the very high but drop only two meters before him. Michael kicks it and it travels a short distance, but when vuyo kicks it, he kicks it far

Len: Ok everybody, Vuyo kicked the ball 50m and Michael kicked it 20meters. They are our new kickers. Sorry John

Scene twenty two

: Rugby veld that used to be a soccer field. It was late afternoon. Thabu’s big brother Vuyo who is also playing for the Lechwes are being coached by Mr.Barry on the basics of playing scrumhalf. It is late afternoon around four. It is not so hot on this cloudless afternoon. He has the knack and ability to play the position, but he needs to fine tune his game.

Barry: Are you ready? (serious, while walks back and forth in front of Vuyo)

Vuyo: Yes( honestly, eager)

Barry: Yes who?

Vuyo: Yes sir

Barry: Doing everything I tell you to do?

Vuyo: Yes sir

Barry: And to listen carefully to what I have to say or share?

Vuyo: Yes sir.

Barry: And never complain or criticise my instructions or any advise that I give you?

Vuyo just nods with his head and Barry goes on

Barry: And that you will work hard?

He nods again.

Barry: Then lets go.

Risin’ up, back on the street

Did my time, took my chances

Went the distance

Now I’m back on my feet

Just a man and his will to survivor

So many times, it happens too fast

You trade your passion for glory

Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past

You must fight just to keep them alive

While these words are being sung the scenes shows Mr. Barry showing Vuyo how to offload, pass, dummy, tackle, side-step and run.

Pass is if you throw the ball from one player to another. Tackle is you stopping a player physically from running or playing the ball with your body. Offload is when you move the ball creatively from player to another without being tackled. Side step is if you move fast and step out of an opposing teams members way without being tackled. Dummy is if you do an attacking movement or play to score points. Dummy for an scrumhalf is if you act you are passing the ball to the right but in reality go left.

Sometimes over the music you can hear Mr. Barry saying “That’s right”, “no not that way”, “What are you doing?”, “Are you stupid?” vuyo is struggling mostly. He gets stuff wrong, he doesn’t grasp everything quickly, after a couple of tries he gets better at passing, running and all the stuff Mr. Barry tries to teach him. Vuyo is very determent and Barry doesn’t give up that easy.


It’s the eye of the tiger

It’s the thrill of the fight

Risin’ up to the challenge

Of our rival

And the last known survivor

Stalks his prey in the night

And he’s watching us all with the

Eye of the tiger

After numerous attempts he gets it right in the chorus line.

Now Mr. Barry shows him how to kick, chip-kick, grubby kick, defensive and attacking kicks as well as how to read your opponent. Everytime he gets something right the CHORUS line plays. Kick is when you use your foot to move the ball in the air. Chip kick is when you kick in the air for short distances. Grubby is when you kick it on the ground like a soccer ball. Defensive kick are when you are fragile or in trouble and attacking kicks are the opposite.

Face to face, out in the heat

Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry

They stack the odds

Still we take to the street

For the kill with the skill to survive


Risin’ up straight to the top

Had the guts, got the glory

Went the distance

Now I’m not gonna stop

Just a man and his will to survive

At the end of the song they are always finished. They are seen walking off, smiling in triumph. Glad of their successful mission in Vuyo getting the hang of playing scrumhalf.

Scene twenty three

Len and Rachelle sitting and eating their supper on the verenda. They were alone. It was late at n night.

Rachelle: How is the rugby practice going?

Len: Ok, we are just practicing like crazy…

Rachelle: Could you stop?

Len: I’m sorry?

Rachelle: That’s all you talk about….your rugby dream, the school, the kids, every damn problem. Im sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!!

Len: What is wrong with you

Rachelle: It feels as of you choose me over your little team. You don’t care about me, ask about my day, you don’t talk about us. It feels as if we’re going apart………and she storms of leaving hom alone

Scene twenty four

It is dawn, the next morning. He knocks on the cottage door. She opens have asleep

Len: I’m sorry (and hugs her)

Rachelle: I totally overreacted, I don’t care about the fact that you have a team. I was a self assured, arrogant, insecure bitch. Im very sorry.

Len: I forgive you, if you forgive me

Rachelle: Always. Where did you sleep last night.

Len: in the car, I would have slept, if Joseph wasn’t there

Rachelle: Well, since it isstill early, lets see if we can find a place to lay head

She let him follow her in the house. There wwas suggestive smile on her face.

Scene twenty-five

Mike was sittingh on the veranda drinking coffee, overlooking the river a few hours later. That where Len found him

Len: Can I speak to you?

Mike: Sure, wats up?

Len: Can you sponsor us. We needs bags, jerseys, shorts, socks, boots. Everything

Mike: work out the cost and then tell me

Len: So you will?

Mike: Yes, only if can pick the name

Len: Name?

Mike: You know like the Free State Cheetahs or Blue Bulls

Len: Ok, your suggestion Michael: Lechwes Len: Like those bucks on the river. It looks like an impala

Mike: Yes

Len: Lechwes it is

Scene twenty six

Three months later

Practice is going on. The players are practicing their run patterns and ball movements. Then Len claps his, blows on his whistle and calls them over with his hand. Soon they were all huddled around, in a circle. At Len’s feet were three big boxes.

Len: After three month of hard working as a team you are ready. You guys are going to do excellent. I believe in you. As well as your sponsors. In these are gift they would like to you guys.

They players open the three boxes. In one is jearsey. In another are toks boots and the third one has socks and short. They pass out excitedly to another and soon they all had their gifts. The jerseys were red and black with white shorts and red socks. On the shirt was a picture printed of lechwe

Len: Our sponsors also sponsoring our flights. We are flying first class

Excited cheers goes around

Len: Beforev we go off, lets vote for a captain

Michael: That’s not necessary. We alrady had a vote

Len: Yes! And?

Michael: We chose Thabo

Len: And vise?

Michael: No one. Didn’t know we had to

Len: Okay, then its you. Okay, before your will get kitbags with accessories in. Good practice gents. See you

Scene twenty seven

They were all sitting in a plane on the way to Gaborone. Thabo walks to were Len was sitting. He had an extra seat next to him. Thabu went to sit there.

Thabu: Sir

Len; Yes?

Thabu: I’m really nervous about the captainacy. Michael should rather do it.he is a better leader

Len: You too. If he is a leader, he will be arrogant. The leadership role will suit you like a glove. I believe in. and I know you will do a good job

Thabu: Okay

Scene twenty eight

They land. They pile at bus stop, get in and get a seat. Then they get to school Lions College where the tournament being held. They are showed to their room from one of the host pupils. It is a claasroom, that has a stack of mattrasses. The Lechwe are shocked and disgusted of their room.

Pupil: The bathroom is just further along in the corridor. Enjoy your stay.

Scene twenty nine

They play their first game. A heading showed St. Patrick. The score is 18-20. In front of St. Patricks poles. There is a scrum. Vuyo puts it and quickly the ball gets to the eightman’s feet, he picks it up and throws it to Michael. He catches the ball and drops. Lechwes wins the ame. Players are glad and overjoyed.

Scene thirty

A heading is showed. Lechwes 20 St. Andrews 35. It is the last minute. St. Andrews are pushing forward, gaining meter by meter. They get the ball to their big outside center. He burst to the defence and scores. The lechwes loses the game. They are sad and dejected. Now they don’t have chance to win the competition.

Scene thirty one

The next day the whole were in their room, busy packing up. They are sad and unhappy. The body language shows dejection. Len and Mr.Barry walks in the room with glum expressions on their face. They walk to the center of the room

Len: Let huddle up I have news

The form a circle around Len and Mr. Barry

Len: We have some news

Barry: Good news

Len: We are playing tomorrow. Against the Lions from Gaberone. They are the firm favourites.

Thabu: Why are we playing tomorrow? We lost against St. Andrew. They beated us

Len: They were disqualified. They placed three 20 years old in the tam. This tournament is for U/19 only.

First there was silence. Then cheers erupted. Everyone hugged and high fived each other.

Scene thirty two

Highlights are being showed. Thabu scored twice under the poles. First he ran straight through their defence. He plays no13, outside. The other one was by clever creative play Michael, then he offload (pass) to Thabu. The other scored when Vuyo picked the ball up from a scrum. Unfortunate Michael couldn’t kick it over.

Scene thirty three

It is the last minute of the game. Lechwes have to score a try to win.

Len: Thabu, come here

Thabu hangs around the side of the field where Mr. Barry is rubbing Deep Heat on his legs

Thabu: Yes sir?

Len: There is five seconds off play left. We can still pull it off

Thabu: How?

Len: Vuyo should fake-pass to Samson and it will create a gap. He should shake it. He will score

Thabu: We will try anything I will tell him.

Thabu goes back to the field and speak to his troops.

The game goes on

There is a scrum. Vuyo pushes the ball in

At the back he receives it.

He fake pass to Samson

Takes a gap

Beats off the defenders


The Lechwes won the game 24-23




Scene thirty four

They are making circle after the game. They can be seen praying silently. Then Len speaks up

Len: I want to thank you for all for all your hard work. It paid off. Every blood, sweat and tears that was sacrificed help us. It was an honor to coach you. I would love to it again next year. You guys should be proud of yourself

Afterwards they climb on the stage and reiceved the big, golden trophee with a check of 200 000 Pula. Everyone celebrates

Scene thirty five

Len and Barry is still on the field walking around. Everyone is gone. It was twilight.

Len: Why did they double the price money

Barry: Because we came from nowhere and beated the odds to get here. Also because two boys got scholarships to go and play for the big schools in RSA.

Len: Who?

Barry: Michael, Vuyo, Thabu. They made the Botswana Schools with three other boys from our school. Michael is one of them.

Scene thirty six

Len sits on the veranda of the lodge overlooking the Chobe-river. In the distance is are a pair of elephants drinking water. It is the day after the Championship final. Rachelle finds him there and goes to talk to him. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. It was late afternoon.

Rachelle: Penny for your thoughts?

Len: Just thinking, you know, about where we are. The most beautiful place on earth. And yesterday made me the most happiest man alive. I never thought I would be this happy. I am so glad you insisted we come here. We should never leave. And I’m so proud of those kids

Rachelle: You speak of them as if they’re your own

Len: It feels like it. I care about them. They are good kids. Some of them see me as a dad, since they don’t have any I feel honored to be considered

Rachelle: I think you’ll be a great dad

Len: Thanks (blushing)

Rachelle: I can’t wait to see how you’ll be with them

Len: Who? (confused)

Rachelle: Yours

Len: I don’t have any

Rachelle: You’ll be surprised

Len: Huh?

Rachelle: I am pregnant

Len: What? When? How? Are you serious? Yay

Rachelle: Yes I’m serious. It just happened. It is a miracle. I feel great. I feel blessed

He enfolds her in a embrace and that’s where the movie ends

Scene Thirty seven

Credits roll.


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