His whole life Badger heard of a place called Weenen. In Dutch it means cry. He googled the place and here is what he found out about the place

  • the second oldest European settlement in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  • The farms around the town grow vegetables, lucerne, groundnuts, and citrus fruit
  • It has a game reserve with many animals including rhino and leopard
  • There a lot of hunting farms
  • It has a museum about the Voortrekkers
  • You can do white river rafting
  • The town was laid out in 1838 at the site of a massacre by the Zulus following Voortrekker settlements in the area near the royal kraal of Dingane.
  • And every year they are hosting the Weenen WildsFess (A festival)

So Badger climbed into his car and went to Weenen. He has been more times in Cape Town than in Weenen. Badgers first impression was Geez it is a ghost Town. It is Godforsaken.It is like Colenso, another town he drove past on the way to his destination. Its infrastructure was bad, the streets weren’t clean. Until he reached the showgrounds and he was in for a shock! There were cars from Ladysmith, Mooi River, Pietermaritzburg. And were a lot of people. In his 22 years Badger hasn’t seen so many people in the area. And saw that the countryside is still thriving. Thhe place isn’t dead like everyone said. Badger was proud to see the people of Weenen putting a fantastic festival. If you gave Badger tickets to Coachella in the USA he would rather go to Weenen.

  • There were a lot of stalls selling food, punch, clothes, homemade articles, treats, sweets etc.
  • Pancakes, braaivleis, potjiekos were there to eat
  • Boere sport (games)
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Kids entertainment including a jumping castle and a clown
  • Afrikaans singer Bok van Blerk

The whole festival was wheelchair accessible. Badger saw many friends. So find out the date for the next, Wildsfees and come and enjoy…


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