Rugby in the Berg


This past weekend Badger went to watch a club rugby game. It was the Ladysmith Bulldogs and Drakensberg Rugby Club (That Former springbok Henry Honiball Started) in Winterton. It doesn’t matter the score was, but Badger can tell you the try count was 6-2. It was a very quick, slow, fast, tedious game. It was difficult to choose a favourite side, because Badger had friends on both sides. He went to school with some of them. Unfortunately one side was stronger than the other one…

But what Badger realized was that these games had more heart, spirit, passion and soul than a Super Rugby Game. Farmers, teachers and any other jobs (maybe even drug dealers or a gigilo, lol) were playing in the game. Everyone tried and played till they were kaput. And it was amazing to see the people of both towns coming to support. It is also great to see business likes MASCOR or JOHN DEERE sponsoring a side.At this match at the rate of spectators he saw more people than at Bloemfontein Toyota Stadium or Kings Park. As he saw this he thought to himself. It must be the same at clubs like College Rovers in Durban or Despacht in the Eastern Cape. People are supporting club rugby more than Super Rugby or Currie up games and he realized why

  • No entry fees
  • Most professional games are showed on TV
  • You have a bigger chance to know the players that are playing
  • The braai and jol after the GAME
  • The community that forms at these games

And that was like the olden days. Happy golden days. When rugby was still for amateurs. Where you played for the club, to make the provincial side and then the Bok side. It is great to see so many men playing in these busy times. Badger seems to remember a time when both these sides were closed because of the lack of players. Badger looks forward to many more games by these sides…


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