Countryside Rugby: Still there

A week or so Badger went to watch his alma mater playing against a neighboor town. As the teams played badger recognized some of his friends in those players. We weren’t a big school. We were and are currently an academic school. But we played with passion, diligence, spirit, heart, body and soul.

We didn’t play big sides like Affies or Maritzburg College and even though we lost some players who went to bigger schools on a bursary we never got discouraged. Week in and week out we gave it our all. We played some historic matches and scored some tries that were breathtaking.

And now everything made me realize that everything got to professional. Including school sport (rugby). Now its full of

  • Supplements
  • Junior Professional Conracts
  • Gym
  • Steroids

In Badgers school it wasn’t like that. School didn’t evolve around sport. We were diverse. We played it. We went home. when it was finished, there was no looking back.

Now in the professional area a lot of rugby unions fell away from the amateur days so there are fever representive teams to make, because there more players. Kids in Badgers school didn’t make KZN Craven Week (except one). They only made Northern Natal Lammergeier who went to play at the VKB Rugby Week in Frankfort or Reitz.(It’s like a Countryside Craven  week with teams like South Natal, North Natal, Eastern Free State etc) The only guys who make KZN Craven Week are from Schools in Maritburg and Durbz.

School rugby in RSA go to

  • Professional
  • We worry about size
  • Players falling through the crack
  • Always look at bigger school/teams, underestimate the underdogs
  • Talented players are getting injured because of too many games/ too much exposure


  • A lot of talent
  • Running rugby takes place
  • Skills are present
  • Kids play it for the fun

We didn’t buy players at all. We played with the best we had. Unlike other school, where they buy each other’s players. School rugby in the country side, even teams that no one ever heard of or that plays VKB Rugby has just as much as potentials as others. Unions forget about them or let them fall through the cracks. Let us not let our future prospects down!!!!!!!!!!


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