Badger is a reader. Since he was little boy. So he belevies the sooner you start to read, the better. And he recommends his top five stories.

  1. Famous Five: it is about 4 children and a dog who goes on adventures and have fun.
  2. Harry Potter: it is about a boy who goes to a school for Wizard. All 7 of these books Badger will read till the day he dies. They are his favourite.
  3. Peter Pan: A story about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up.
  4. Malory Towers: It is about a girl and her sister that goes to boarding school
  5. Trompie: It is about a boy and his gang and all the stuff they do together.

As a adult he has loving for five stories

  1. Huckle Berry Finn and a slave Jim who runs away and have adventures along a big river
  2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer who walks away from home to be a pirate…
  3. The Three Muskateers who serve and Protects the King of France
  4. Sherlock Homes: It is about a dectective and all the cases hew solves by clever detecting.
  5. Treasure Island: Is about a young man who goes to a mysterious Island to find gold


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