Badger is a Berg boytjie. Unlike his peers who lives in the veld badger lives in the Drakensberg. And he likes to eat. And he has his usual haunts. And he can recommend his top five. Badger is not giving directions. If you read his blog, you can read Google Maps.

  1. Tower of Pizza. Delicious homemade pizza baked in an oven. The flavours and tastes are extrodinarry.
  2. Waffle Hut: Be sure to try their belgain waffles or Spinach and feta pancakes. Next door is a Mat and Candle factory. It is perfect to buy someone a handmade gift.
  3. Thokozisa: Perfect place to enjoy if mom wants to do some shopping. The restaurant has many unique shops nearby to browse through.
  4. Bingalela: It means I greet you in Zulu. It is a restaurant with gourmet meals. Be sure to try their chicken roulade and Bingalela Snails. It is Heavens.
  5. Valley Bakery: Tarts, cookies, cakes, treats. Everything out of a bakery you can find here so feel free to stop by.

Badger is hungry. He has to go and eat.



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