Badger is a KZN boytjies. He loves the berg, coast, midlands and bush. He support the Dolphins and Amazulu. But there is something about him that might not be clear… He is a massive, huge die hard, Sharks fan.

And on the 5 March he found himself like many times before at the Sharks Tank in Durban or known as Growthpoint Kings Park. The Sharks played the Jaguars from Argentina for the first time. What an exciting, close match that was. The Jaguars from Argentina attacked and played their hearts out and us boys, we defended like the Boers of Blood River.

But let’s get away from the game… what Badger liked a lot was the vibe the stadium gave the supporters. It was laidback, exciting, family friendly and had a festive vibe. You could feel suspense and nervousness of its supporters. All races and creeds were present. It was like the South Africa everyone wants. Badger goes there a lot of times and whenever he is there, it is like the people of Durban makes this place a part of life. People are drinking and braaing before hands and afterwards, impronto rugby games are taking place. It is a place of no worries. Hakuna matata, it is a wonderful place.

Everytime a popular song like ‘Sweet Caroline’ from Neil Diamond played everyone sang along.That was the best entertainment there can be.There were other entertainment options like Jack Parow, but Badger doesn’t think it was very family friendly. Don’t get him wrong. Badger is a huge fan, but some songs were inappropriate. It would be better for a club.

A lot of food and beverage options were available. The Shark Shop is always worthwhile to visit. So you better bring Daddy’s creditcard.

The one other thing that bothers Badger is that even though the stadium is wheelchair accessible, the seats that are reserved for the wheelchairs is a disgrace. It is right next to the field. It sounds great but sometimes you can’t see what goes on in the corner of your side of the field because reserves and TV tegnici are standing in your way. Find us better seats in the stands.!!!! But adapted so he is comfortable during games. He will always have time for the sharks and its people.

The moment the ball kicks off, all supporters are forming together as one organism rooting for our MEN IN BLACK…

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