Badger has been of the grid for the past two weeks. Despite spending the Easter Weekend on a farm in the Free State he found he himself in a place he has never been to before. There aren’t many animals to see like at the South but it just has a different vibe. And of course here is a large amount of species that you will only find here like Eland or large numbers of Hartebeest.

He was in the Kruger Park for the six days. He stayed in the north of the park in the Camp called Mopani. He stayed in a luxury airconditioning bungalow with three bedrooms, DSTV and two bathrooms.

It was the first Badger visit the park in March. And it was the first time he saw the north and its camps. Punda Maria, Shingwedzi and Mopani. Here is fifteen things he can tell you

  • It was very green due to the rain. He saw miles and miles of Mopani bush so animals very difficult to see
  • He found Wild dogs near Punda Maria
  • He found a white lion on the S100 near Satara
  • Satara is very, very dry. It looks like the Kalahari desert. There was savannahs or many animals
  • It is still warm there at night
  • The Pafuri area is very beautiful
  • The three northern Camps, Punda, Shingwedzi and Mopani restaurants are not very well run as its southern counterparts. It is like the old days before Mugg&Bean and Debonairs arrived. Sanparks should look into that. The last night badger was in Mopani, the waiter didn’t bring his guests their meal that they ordered.
  • The camp Accomadation is comfortable and unique. In Mopani the bungalow are hidden from each other in the bush and Punda Maria transformed the old horse stalls to appartments.
  • There are many look out points to enjoy. At some you can look into Mozambique. Then There is also Crooks corner where the Limpopo and Luvhubu rivers meet. It also where Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa forms its borders. It is Called Crooks Corner because people used this place to smuggle. Part of the jock of the Bushveld takes place around here. Here you can find a fever tree forest and large jackalberry trees.
  • The north has beautiful scenery to enjoy and the rivers are flowing aplenty
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Camping is available
  • There are not so many people like in the July holiday
  • Badger didn’t find any mosquitos that bothers him
  • The shops are sufficiently supplied

If you want to experience something new, Badger suggest you travel to north of thhe Kruger. It is just different. Ciao.


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