A man called SPUD

We all in our 20s think back at high school and thinking things were a lot simpler. Now we all are getting married and have jobs and responsibilities, but we can’t help to think back at the glory days….

Here is four BOOKS you should consider getting, all of them written by John van der Ruit and published by Penguin Books

  • Spud
  • Spud: The Madness Continues
  • Spud, Learning to Fly
  • Exit, Pursued by a bear

Some of us have been to hostel our bordering and we all think off all the fun we had. Badger then suggest you guys buy these books. The books are diary entries written by John ‘Spud’ Milton who documents everything that took place at the boarding school he attented as a scholarship winner. Every night swimming mission, every adventure, every achievement and happenings in these boys and especially Spud life’s we share with them.

Written brilliantly and hilariously Spud makes us readers of a special bunch of roommates called the Crazy Eight. Joining them on their antics and escapades and journeys to adulthood the reader grows with Spud from his first till his final year. We learn, live, laugh and cry with this unique cha

We get to see the world out of the eye point of a boy out of a humble background. We get to see how he experienced the release of Nelson Mandela and the Fall of Apartheid. We learn how he sees his richer peers and his family that is a constant embarressent to him.

The books are easy to read and is in diary form. Get it. You won’t regret it. The books were also made in film and I would only recommend watching the first movie, because it is a lot like the book. The others are not. Read the books in the correct order so that can follow the story.



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