Imagine a world at peace. A world where the good guy always wins? A world where kids a spies? Where they save the world with funky gadgets and scary missions? That is true …

If you read the Alex Rider Series by Antony Horowitz or the Cherub Series by Robert Muchamore you would wish it happened to you.

Alex Rider is about a teenage boy who finds out his uncle who raised him was a spy and after his death e has to fulfill his uncle’s roles. Forced by MI6 he has to take part in daring missions to save the world from harm. All through the series he has some dealing with an organization called Scorpion who has some unknown to his past.

Cherub is about a bunch of kids who are being secretly trained by the Government as spies. Their thinking is, Who would think of Children as Spies. Like Alex Rider these kids missions involves murder, theft, drugs, smuggling. The main Character is a Boy named James Adams. His mum died and he had to choose. Stay an orphan or be a spy.

All these characters also struggle with normal teenage problems, moods, love, group pressure, zits, self conciousness and all that jazz.

These books are for everyone and Badger means everyone. Kids, teens, adults, the eldery. It is easy to read and so exciting you won’t be able to put it down. Badger knows. He missed his buddy’s bachelor party missing one of these books.

Alex Rider Series

Stormbreaker (2000)

Point Blanc (US title: Point Blank) (2001)

Skeleton Key (2002)

Eagle Strike (2003)

Scorpia (2004)

Ark Angel (2005)

Snakehead (2007)

Crocodile Tears (2009)

Scorpia Rising (2011)

Russian Roulette (2013)


The Recruit (April 2004)


Class A (October 2004) (also known as The Dealer in the USA and The Mission in the UK bookclub edition)

Maximum Security (April 2005)

The Killing (October 2005)

Divine Madness (April 2006)

Man vs Beast (October 2006)

The Fall (March 2007)

Mad Dogs (October 2007)

The Sleepwalker (February 2008) Dark Sun (World Book Day novella) (March 2008)

The General (September 2008)

Brigands MC (September 2009)

Shadow Wave (August 2010)

People’s Republic (August 2011)

Guardian Angel (August 2012)

Black Friday (September 2013)

Lone Wolf (August 2014)

Henderson Boys who was also written by Robert Muchamore is an exciting, thrilling, fast packed, adrenaline jumping series about the start of the CHERUB Organization, set in WWII. It is kind of like a prequel. The story also have teen characters.

Read these two writers  BOOKseries. It is all I said and more. You will a lot of cool things, you will a lot of action packed and tense moments. You will visit place like the Bahamas, Kenya, USA, Italy and so much more place. It is too many to mention.asdfgh


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