Badger is bringing a new component to his blog, he is going blog about Books. Now there is two Book series Badger is writing about now. Hardy Boys written by Franklin W Dixon and Nancy Drew written by Carolyn Keene. These days you get the old version and the modern versions. In South Africa, look at Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, CNA. You are bound to find it. There lots and lots of different titles!!!!!

The old versions were written around the times of the 40s and 80s. you get about sixty books in the series. It was written in the time before texting, internet, Wifi. You get it. The modern versions are based on the authors originals but they play out in modern times.

Hardy Boys is about two Brothers, Frank and Joe Hadry and their Friends and family who solve cases. The story takes place all over. America, Europe, Australia. It is full of adventures and is exciting. It has a good old mystery, it has suspense and fast packed action. It is very knowledge able. You can learn a lot. It is written for kids. But adults like me should enjoy it.

Nancy Drew series is about an 18 year old sleuth solves mysteries with the help of her friends and family. The same rules that applies to the Hardy Boys applies to her.

These two series of old version has no murder or sexual crime, drug abuse. It is the usual theft and mystery solving that we all can enjoy. The modern versions do have drugs and murder but is not gruesome. You shall not have any nightmares. It is all good. And Badger don’t like them, they are boring. He likes vintage books. The older versions are timeless. Hopefully future generations shall enjoy them.

Everytime Badger reads one of these books he feels he is part of a new story. He is at a new place with new people. And all these stories have a good Endings! And these characters are mostly people like you and me.

So follow the old Badgers advice and get these books. They are Awesome!!!!!!!


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