You know what Badger likes? Going back to his natural habitat… Drinking Amarula with ice ad eating biltong with nuts looking at a sunset over the African bush….

And there are times where he misses the bush so much that he reads a book to help him with longing or just before he goes back to the bush…

That right. There are two books you should get before you safari. If you’re going to Zim, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and any other place where there are wild Animals. The books names are A Year in the Wild and Back to the Bush. Both are written by James Hendry. You would be able to get it at Exclusive Books and Bargain Books

These two books contains diary entries and emails that consist of the hilarious, funny, crazy antics of Angus and Hugh MacNaughton, two brothers who works on a private, luxury Game Reserve, Sasekile, near the Kruger National Park. In these stories you get to know characters like Anton, Innocent the Butler, PJ the manager, Abbott the shop steward and O’Reilly the chef. In these stories are so well written that everytimes Badger envolves in a fit of hysterics that he has to grab his astma pump.It is wickedly funny, humorous and it’s a page turner everytime.

In these stories the brothers learns to love and laugh, we readers learners how everything behind the scenes at a Private Game Lodge works. Every email or diary entry is a new and touching incident or story. It is typical South African humour. There I believe we are the best.

I recommend these books for everyone. Kids, teenagers, adults, eldery folks! It is a book for a moody teenager, a bored housewife and an old ballie who has nothing else to door talk about. Rad these books. Badger recommends them.



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