African Tales by A Badger


One night old Badger was drinking a bit of coffee with a slight drip of Amarula, an African drink with an Ouma rusk. And Badger realized these refreshment are African, just like him. And Badger loves Africa. It is his habitat. He doesn’t want to live in Aus or ‘Merry Old London, though he would love to visit them. And he thought to his jaunts in the African Bush. Three stands out…

One Year when Badger was still innocent like virgin he went to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Or Musi oa Tunya that means ‘The smokes that thunders’. It was great seeing the majestic falls. Standing where Livingstone stood when he discovered the falls. Along the falls is a footpath that is wheelchair accessible and you can see and feel (the spray of the falls) wherever you stand and watch the mass flow of water falling down into gorge that forms the Zambezi River. It should be on your bucket list. (Later on Badger took a ride on a boat on the Zambezi and it was AWESOME. Saw many elephants and hippos.) 3-4 km before you can reach the falls you can hear it. Next to the falls is a rain forest. Sometimes you can see bushbuck.

The second thing what Badger remembers the most is the boat ride on the Chobe river at Kasane in Botswana. It was surreal. You ride on a rubberduck with a guide and 4-5 other guests on the river, while you enjoy a picnic (basket supplied by tour operatiors) you watch how the hippos play around in the water, how the antelopes drink water from the shore, how the crocodiles suntan on the riverbanks or the elephants swim -5 meters from you in the water. Not one or two, but a herd. I will never experience something like this ever again. I was exposed, vulnerable, couldn’t swim nor run away but I didn’t think like that then. All I realized is that I was part of something extrodianairy. I recommend this for everyone. To Badger it felt peaceful and he felt mesmerized. Now he knows how those folk from Jurassic Park felt (minus a Raptor attacking us.)

The third thing I am treasure is my experience with the elephants at Elephants Whispers near Hazyview and the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa. There you can ride on the elephants, interact with them and enjoy a lecture on elephants. It is a bit pricey, but worth it and it goes towards protecting these magnificent creatures for future generations.

Here is the things I learned about elephants.

  • Skin is water absorbant
  • Their tail feels like wire
  • If you measure their feet and times it with two that is their length
  • Got great memory
  • Kruger Park has too many elephants, too little space
  • Their trunks takes food like a vacuum
  • Got a lot of teeth in the back of their mouth
  • The people and guides who care for them and rides on them cares a lot for them.
  • Intelligent
  • Naughty
  • Trunks are strong
  • Feet are oval shaped

But the thing that Badger liked was too feed them peanuts and touch them. It was AMAZING. The make the biggest elephants lay down so that you can touch its head, legs, feet, back, tummy, tail, trunk, tusk. Don’t worry its safe. There are safety measures.

As I take another sip of Amarula coffee Badger realizes how lucky he is to seeing these stories of Africa, to witness it, to be a part of it.



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