December is usually the time when South Africans go to the coast, but this time Badger went to a place not far from his home. ATKV DRAKENSVILLE. A holiday resort with many things to keep you occupied.

Horse riding, guided walks, mini-golf, chess board, 3 swimming pools, a warm swimming pool, a slippy slide ,action cricket, touch rugby, many competitions like Ms. Drakensville or Mr. and Ms. Gnome for the little ones. Juba, an Afrikaans singing group/band came to hold a concert and New Year’s Eve there was a lekker tikkie draai and braai. A tikkie draai is a dance,

Drakensville used to be small village build for workers who were building the Eskom Drakensberg Powerstation and Water Affairs water schemes in the 70s. it is set into the beautiful Drakensberg with great views and plenty of great air. Suited 28 km outside Bergville you can reach it by taking the Oliviershoek Pas at Harrismith.

Badger had a great. He went camping. The amblution blocks were all wheelchair accessible. The same goes for wherever he went in the resort. The game room, swimming areas (there were even a handicapped bathroom at the heated swimming pool), the shop, the pettingzoo, restaurant, camping ground, the chapel for church, the hall where functions are being held. Everywhere Badger went it was accessible. And he wasn’t the only oke with a disability there and he hadn’t had many problems at all. The friendly staff are always there and willing to help should you need anything.

This place caters for school groups (for camps and teambuilding excercises) and day visitors. Keep in mind day visitors, you will have to pay an entrance fee.

There are also plenty to do for ADRENELINE JUNKIES like absailling or foefie-slide. Horse lovers can enjoy a guided tours on horseback. People who beauty treatments or a great soothing massage, there is a spa. This is a place for complete relaxion. A place where kids can play and mom and dad has some alone time.

For the weekend, holiday, whether you are part of the ATKV or not, come and enjoy this unique piece of the Land of the Dragon.



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