Opera can be a Party!

msc3Blizz from Durbs to Mozam

A while ago Badger packed his wallet, his wheelchair and seasick pills, cause why? ‘Yo hoho an’ a bottle o’rum’ Badger went on a cruise. The Opera to be exact! From the MSC Cruiselines.

And what a party it has been. Unlimited food, shows, great service, lekker cocktails, amazing, creative ice creams. For the first time he had Sex on the Beach. LOL. It was one great party. From the minute he stepped on it was a great party. A massive experience!

There was much to do. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat was the basic. Badger went to gamble in the casino and Won 150. For a Saffa that is a lot. And Badger spent all that money at the JOOl (RAG). Wow. One party helps the other one. Then there were shows, Bingo competitions, a game room. Pools and a jacquizzi, many waterholes to have a lekker time, a Disco Club to rave, (Tonight’s gonna be a good night.)

All the employees of the Opera, Bravo, Bravo! ‘I had the time of my Life and I never felt like this before.’ Whenever I need help cause I’m disabled you were there. Space were made whenever he wanted to gave a good time in the jacquizzi and he had his own deck chair. Everywhere on the ship and he means bloody well everywhere was WHEELCHAIR ACCESIBLE. Ramps, elevators, the works was there.

He had the biggest room on the ship. Easy 10-11 feet from one bed to another. It was so spacious badger could throw a donut if he wanted to. The bathroom was wheelchair friendly. Before we clock in normal people has to stand in a line for a long time, but not Badger. Crew took him and his family to the frontlines via a shortcut and before you can say ‘God Save the Queen’ I was aboard, settled in and drinking Pina Coladas..

And for the next three days I was never bored. Disabled and abled people, go on a cruise. You will get spoilt rotten and have a story to tell…



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