A while ago Badger packed his wheelchair and his boogey board and went down to the coast. For the first time he is visiting the town Balito, north of Durban.

It took my breath away. It was like something in Utopia. Everything was clean and on its place. many developments are taking place. There are many houses, blocks of flats and houses. It is a holiday town, but it is also a housing suburb for people working in Durban. Everything was beautiful, the view, beach, sea, town layout. It was a typical coastal town.

Badger enjoyed the beach. There were many pretty girls sun tanning, the water was great, the beach peaceful. And quiet. He could buy what he needed from vendors like nice ice cream. Along the shore is a wooden board walk(almost like a pier) where you can move along the shore, definitely wheelchair friendly, at some places there are even ramps going down to the beach.

He lived in a nice flat overlooking the ocean, an ultimate beachfront property. The building, flat and bathroom were wheelchair friendly. It was all even. There was also an elevator to go up the many floors. Sometimes he could see a school of dolphins or a whale swimming. What a sight…

Balito has many shops (they are building a mall) that has many well known shops. Badger was quite surprises. There are many restaurants and clubs to keep us busy like the Beach Hut Or Beach Mamma G. What a place. Badger recommends eating at Mozambik, a place that serves local cuisine from Mozambique. What a Treat!

Safe areas, emergency services available, a disabled person would exist comfortably here. Balito is the place to be. So pack your wheels and your medicine, load your family in the car and take road, country road… 



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