Take a Train to Scottburgh

Scottburgh on the KZN South Coast, where we spent wonderful family holidays is always part of my dreams.

Like they say in Les Misrebables ‘I dream of Days Gone by,’ and that’s true. Badger was sitting in the Wimpy the other day drinking a lekker Iced Coffee and eating a Mega Breakfast when dawned on me that we always stopped at the Wimpy before we went to Scottburgh with the caravan. Dis lekker by die see.

The Journey South to the Sea

Those were the days. With a ‘Musiek vir die Langpad’ or a Dana Winner playing in the radio we always took the N3, going down south. Badger hasn’t been there for a while but he can still remember his visits with constant joy.

Staying in the Scottburgh Caravan Park is a family tradition that that went back long before Badger was even a thought. Every year the same people were there and every year your family and town friends as well! It is like Badger was never away from home.

From what Badger can remember the place was most wheelchair friendly, there might have been a step or two, but he was happy with accessibility.

Right on the Beach

It was a very lekker place. Badger had his own private bathroom, he could ride his bike, there was a pool, it was next to the beach, there were many rockpools to swim at or try to catch some small fishes with a net, there was a mini-golf or as we all know it putt-putt course.

Then there was the main beach. About 60 meters from the caravan park! There was a beach to tan on, a big lawn if you are not a sand person, rocks to fish, a lagoon to swim in as well as a big swimming pool where sometimes the waves crashes into the pool, a Wimpy to enjoy a nice Ice Cream Float or a Burger, a hotdog stall that made the best CheeseDogs, curio shops that sold shirts, fishing nets, towels and anything you could need for the beach.

You could stay there for the whole day and still be occupied. Unfortunately Badger didn’t see Pamela Anderson.

Mini Steam Locomotive

The best for Badger used to be the train. It was a small mini steam locomotive that had small, open roofed, colorful wagons that it pulled from the beach Station to MonkeyLand and back. Monkeyland was just a stop point, there were not any monkeys. The journey was 2-3 km. There wasn’t a child who went to Scottburgh who didn’t ride on the train. Adults too, it was fun. Badger sometimes rode the train 3-4 times a day.

Unfortunately Badger’s sources told him due to that big cyclone In 2007 or 2008 the train was taken by the sea. It is a sad day for Scottburgh. I will always remember this place and might go back to get that feeling again, but the train won’t be there to take me…

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