DRAKENSBERG: A place for Badgers and Dragons


Badger doesn’t live with his pals Lion and Rhino in the bush, he lives in a place that he likes to call ‘The Berg.’ He likes to stay in the mountain and drink tea with Heidi and draw pictures with his Friends the San.

Badger lives in the central Drakensberg. It is easy to get there. If you come from Gauteng turn off the Highway if you see a signs that says Winterton. If you come from Durban turn off after you see a sign that says Bergville. It will take you to same place.

How the Drakensberg got its Name

Apparently how it got its name is a Father and a son (First white people) were walking and they saw a mountain. It looked like a Dragon and the mountain got the Drakensberg. Draak means Dragon in Afrikaans.

This place is full of hills, valleys, mountain tops, plains, farmland, homes, rain, snow, hail, sunshine, The Tugela River.

Every time he goes into the Berg he sees more and more development and people visiting the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Mountains. It is an UNESCO World Heritage site and goes from the Eastern Cape to Mpumalanga.

A Wine Farm in the Berg

In the past few years The Berg got a wine farm that makes lekker wine. Badger is not a wine drinker but he occasionally takes a sip or two, a hot air balloon where you can see for miles and miles and a CANOPY Tours where you travel from one big tree to the next.

There are even talks of building a Cable Car that goes to the top of the Mountains! Then there is a Bee farm that makes the most delicious Honey and Ardmore that makes the most beautiful pottery. For a kids there is a reptile farm where you can touch a snake!

Then there are many restaurants with different varieties like the WAFFLE HUT, THOKOZISA, Valley Bakery, The Ugly Duckling, a Chinese place, a Portugese bistro. Hotels like Drakensberg Sun and Monks Cowls offers a mean buffet.

For avid walkers unlike Badgers there are many hiking trails to follow and they all have difference distances. Badger don’t walk. he like some gholf at Champagne Sports and Resorts.

Drakensberg Boys Choir

For a cultural nut like Badger there are many curios shop along the way. Badgers favourite place is Thokozisa. There are many shows for mommy to buy and Daddy to spend. Then for entertainment he likes t0 go and listen to the Drakensberg Boys Choir. It is an unforgettable experience.

There are various forms of accommodation in the Berg area:

  • B&B
  • Guesthouse
  • Hotels
  • Camping
  • Resorts
  • bungalows

Most shops and restaurants are wheelchair friendly, but not all has wheelchair bathrooms. So be prepared.

To me this place means to escape from the world. Here your past stays away. This place is full of magic and history and stories. This place is a ‘Picture of its own,’ the Alps in Switserland or the Rockies in Colarado is not like The Dragon.

So come people, leave the Rockies and The Alps, come jol with us in The Berg.


*Ardmore Ceramics‘ 2016’s theme is the ‘Kalahari Cats’ –  Exhibition introduces Ardmore’s Meerkat Family Collection.


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