The Cape is still Dutch

In middle December Old Badger here flied like a bird or in this case a Mango airplane. No NON South African, he is not kidding about the name. He went to the MOTHER CITY!

Inaugural Cape Town Sevens Tournament

That’s right, Cape Town has been honored with a visit from the BADGER! As mentioned before Badger is a huge rugby fan. He went to watch the inaugural Cape Town Sevens Tournament the Green Point Stadium (Cape Town Stadium.)

Cape Town is in my opinion the best City in South Africa. It just a dash ahead of Durban ( home to Badgers favourite rugby team.) the public transport, safety, cleanness, happiness was top notch.

Even though there is a lot of poverty (look at the informal Settlement) near the airport, Cape Town is a City of Prosperity and Development.

The President Hotel in Bantry Bay (named after former Former President Nelson Mandela) has been a delight to stay in. it was clean, had WIFI, excellent service and the whole place was wheelchair friendly. Even the rooms were big enough for my chair.

Wheelchair Friendly V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront was great as always. It was wheelchair friendly, ramps, elevators, disabled parking, disabled bathrooms were there. The shops were all adapted for wheelchair. This place had all the shops and restaurants that would fill all your hearths desires.

The Big Wheel that offered a great view of the harbor, City and Table Mountain was AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Walking around the Waterfront I got reminded of days long ago. I felt like I went back in time to 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck settled his colony. (Don’t tell some people.) The only way I can describe this feeling is nostalgia with a dash of history. If only the harbor could talk…

Springbok Museum

Another attraction at the Waterfront is the Springbok Museum. It had jerseys, momentos, stories, video, games, photos, old trophies. Everything to tell you about the story of South African Rugby! It even tells you about the story of Black Rugby Players, especially in times of oppression. There is also a shop that sells Springbok memo’s.

It also gives you chance to learn or have fun through technology I’m not telling you everything but there is one monitor that takes your picture and puts it on a rugby player face in a rugby so that it looks like you are playing.

The rugby was great, everything was wheelchair friendly,. The Badger had the best seat in the house. He had a whole row to choose from and a disabled Bathroom to himself. Best off all he was constantly entertained for two days.

The atmosphere was great. Everyone was happy. We all drank, sang and partied together. Black, white, pink, pink. It was the real South Africa. It was the real people Present. The Real Rainbow Nation!

We were entertained by DJs, Dancers, Go-Go Girls, singers, funny hosts, competitions. Even a proposal. The Cherry on the Cake was when the Blitzboks won.

The City of Cape Town is wheelchair friendly. Even Taxis accommodate you. Badger will come again and he will bring his mates Owl and Hare along next time.

Like the Afrikaans people say, “Die Kaap is nog Hollands,” which means all is well in the Cape. Cheers!!!!!2015-12-12 14.10.55


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