Etosha: A place for sollitudes and sights

“Where do you go if you want to experience something else?”

This a tough question Badger asked himself. After stealing some honey from a nearby hive he got the answer to his question. The Etosha National Park in Namibia!

Erindi Private Game Reserve

So after visiting Erindi Private Game Reserve badger packed his bags and loaded his wheelchair and took the road to the North. After about four hours of driving passed beautiful, Bushveld landscapes he arrived. After going through the usual customs at the Anderson Gate he was let through.

The first the Badger noticed that it was dry like hell. And hotter than hell!

All the animals were missing in action. So he took a map and saw there were many waterholes. And he realized this was not the Kruger where you drive till you see something. Here you drive to all the waterholes that are showed on the map and go there to look for animals.

Wheelchair Bungalow

But firstly Badger would like to tell you about his accommodation. Because he has a disability he was given a wheelchair bungalow near the Waterhole at Okuakuejo, the main camp. The bathroom was big enough to manoevre inside and it had a handicapped shower and washbasin.

Breakfast and supper he ate the restaurant. Lunch be bought at the shops or made his own from buying groceries at the OK Store in Outjo.

Lets get back to the animals. For days Badger traveled the road looking for animals. As he mentioned before it was very dry. The animals hid under whatever shade they could find (like that three cheetahs that were lying down in the shade) or hanging around the waterholes some were empty, but those that had water, had pretty amazing sights to offer.

Scores of Springbok, wildebeest, oryx, impala, zebra, elephants, jackal could be seen around the waterholes. Twice he saw lions nearby.

In the evenings he went to the waterhole near his digs. For four nights he saw elephants, black rhino, white rhino and lions mulling around, interacting with one another. He could see for the first time how they act, how they work together, their rituals.

So Close to Elephant and Rhino

Under the big spray light he could them it felt like he was there with them. It was so close by. The things he saw, he could never forget. Like the elephants chasing the rhino away from their babies and the rhino doing the same thing to the lions so that they could drink in peace.

The Etosha Pan to whom this Heaven on Earth has its name to thank for is like a Big Empty Saltpan. It felt kind of awesome standing in it, experiencing the solitude and emptiness. It was like standing in a JAR OF NOTHING.

Traveling to this place I have a lot of respect for the Dorsland Trekkers who moved from present day North West, Mpualanga and Gauteng to Present Day Angola. They had to travel through this cruel, wasteland, not knowing where their next water is coming from.

Badger can recommend this place. There are not an influx of people and cars at this place. It is quite, but not lonely. Etosha has something to offer the world….



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