Animal Eden is True

Heaven is real and it is somewhere you never expected it to be.

A couple of months ago Badger here packed his bags and went on a trip A trip he will remember taking for the rest of his life…

A Trip to Namibia

This trip was to Namibia. He made two stops (aka weekend layovers) at the most wonderful place on earth.

The Erindi Private Game Reserve, located just between Okahandja and Omaruru in the North of Namibia. It is 70719 ha big and presents many kinds of landscapes, from bush to mountains, from savannahs to pans. They are two types of accommodation. The Old Traders Lodge where Badger stayed and the Elephants Camp, a place that is self-catering.

Set in the African bush this picturesque place takes your breath away. What you see here you cant describe, not even on a postcard.

Badger saw lions taking down an oryx, 15 wilddogs drinking water at a waterhole, many black rhino, countless cheethahs and leopard. Herds of buffalo, antelopes and elephants. He even saw a couple of his namesakes. Awesome.

Here the Guides Drive the Vehicle Offroad

Unlike National Parks, at this place the guides drive the vehicle offroad. 4×4 style! They drive over trees and bushes, through gully’s and ravines. They literally take you to the animals. They guides are friendly, knowledge able about their craft and they keep in contact with each other to ensure their pax see amazing sights.

They try to make the drive as special as possible. On the morning drives they stop for you to have Amarula coffee and rusks while watching the sunrise. The same goes for the afternoon drive. While watching the sunset you get an assortment of drinks and snacks.

Game Drives at Erindi

This is the drives they have to offer. Badger did most of them and all he say is. What an experience.

  • Morning drive from 6h30-9h30
  • Morning walk 10h30 onwards
  • Kids drive 10h30-11h30
  • Afternoon drive 16h30-19h30
  • Night drive 21h30-00h00
  • Day drive 11h00-16h00
  • Tracking animals 16h30-19h30

One afternoon Badger went tracking a leopard with guide. The leopard had a collar around its neck and we tracked it with a GPS system. The people at Erindi are passionate about its leopards.

Global Leopard Project

They keeping a close eye on its population. The have a program that the run called the Global Leopard Project! Its aims are to dedicated to RESEARCH, COMMUNICATION AND CONSERVATION OF LEOPARDS! Before you go on this tracking Safari you are showed a slide show that is very interesting and worth the while!

The rooms are very comfortable and grandly furnished. There are DSTV, a mini fridge, a veranda with a few, air conditioning and electricity. Badger felt like the Great Gatsby. The bathrooms are also very also nicely done. It had hot water. Yay! It was like The Ritz Hotel in New York City, (Badger was never there)!

Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation

The whole lodge is very wheelchair friendly. Badger could go anywhere. The staff are so accommodating, they will help you with anything you require. They serve the most delicious, fantastic, phenomenal breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner buffet. It is all you can eat and the food taste better than something out of a 5 star Hotel. The dining area overlooks a waterhole where animals frequently comes to lessen their thirst.

When Badger was there it was quite dry. The rain hasn’t come yet. Badger hopes they received some rain. They really do need it. The waterhole were mostly empty and they had to feed some animals.

Google this place, check it out, make a reservation and come here. If you have a disability or not! This place is it worth. If you want a holiday that can offer something different, but quiet, comfortable and worth your money, come here. Badger here wants to stay forever and ever….


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