Mozambique is a MUST, even if you’re disabled


Badger here loves traveling. He loves seeing new places and experience new things. Even with his disability he lives his live to the fullest.

Ponta D’Ouro in Mozambique

One the many places he has visited frequently is a little town call Ponta D’Ouro in Mozambique, Africa. It is a little oasis past the border in South Africa.

It is a run down town. Effects from the Mozambique Border War can still be seen on the down. Very little development takes place. In and around the town are sand roads. No tar. No signal!! Here you might feel exposed and out of your comfort zone.

A week here and you will appreciate everything back home. You lose it near the border most things about yourself. Wifi, comfort zone among other things. The locals are even more poor than South Africans. The only source of income comes from tourism.

Going Back in Time

It feels like you went back in time. Civilization is far and you are far from anything. but is amazing to feel the solitudes of the Mozambique country side, jungles and beaches. Be sure to go in a 4×4.

Mozambique has many places like Xai-Xai, Bilene, Maputo, Inhambane where visitors from South Africa and around the world relax.. it has pictersque beaches, you could go fishing, take part in adventure sport, snorkel, party, have a great time,buy a pau (local bread from roadstalls, eat delicious seafood,tan, swim in the sea, drink cocktails.

At these road stalls you will get roadside bars that sells mainly two things. They sell Doige M, the country’s Main beer and they make R&R, rum and raspberry. You make it at at home, it doesn’t taste this nice. People are friendly. Even more friendly than South Africans!

A Bit Tricky for People with Disabilities

For me going with a disability can be tricky, not very wheelchair friendly, but the right support and help from family I manage to get by. So wherever you want to go be prepared to face to some obstacles coming your way. My accommodation is a private, furnished tent camp with hot showers and flushing toilet.

Many accommodation services has been set up. I am sure if you contact them and give your requests they will be able to help you. You never know. Just know medical help are not always near so bring your medicine so that you are prepared.

A lot of people are wondering if it’s safe to go there. For them I say the trouble is going on in the north. You’re going to want to travel south. If you feel safe in Paris, New York or South Africa. Tourists are safe here. Unlike Mali and Afghanistan.

All people out there, disabled or not, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, come to Mozambique to restart your batteries. It will be worth it.

Image by By Hein Waschefort – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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