South Africa Soccer and why are we struggling?

Even though Badger can’t play any sport he loves to watch. Cricket, rugby, soccer, the works. He is always an avid supporter of his country’s teams.

Soccer in South Africa

Today I am writing about soccer in South Africa. Lets be honest. South Africa is the biggest economy on the continent, but our soccer are behind other nations likes Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana. And people wonders why? Badger knows why!

PSL Teams


A lot of people in this country support soccer teams from the PSL (Premier Soccer League) like Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates! These  teams are always competing in continental competitions and are doing well.

Top Players are Overseas Based

As I look at other Africa teams I noticed something. Most of their players are overseas (mostly Europe) based. They are constantly exposed to top flight soccer and their skills are improving. They are all at clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Paris St. Germain, Bayern Munich. like I said. Top flight soccer.

As I looked at the South African Soccer Squad I could only spot eight overseas based players. Most of them are in Belgium and Thulani Serero who is at Ajax in Amsterdam and Tokelo Rantie from Bournamouth in England. In Badgers opinion the overseas players are our best bet from becoming a SUPERPOWER.

Overseas Contracts for SA Players

I believe the best way to improve is to keep pushing our talent to go and develop overseas. We have to help our players secure contracts overseas. Former Bafana player Steven Pienaar would never have been the player he is if he didn’t go overseas

The same can be said for former Bafana Captain Lucas Radebe, a man who meant a lot  to South African Soccer. He spent some time with Leeds United and grew as a player.

South Africa has quality sportsmen and woman. Some like our golfers and swimmers receive their training overseas like Ryk Neethling, Roland Schoeman, Ernie Els, Louis Oosthuizen. there are many more and many more will come.

Let’s make our soccer strong! May the Force be strong

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